Social media is full of pregnancy announcements - and the more creative the better. It is such an exciting thing to share with the world, but few of us realize that by sharing the big news, there are others out there struggling to see that announcement. Infertility is more common that we realize, and many couples struggle with trying to conceive for years without luck.

While it is heartbreaking, many couples work together to find peace and can still be happy for growing families around them. One such couple is taking the internet by storm right now.

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear has fallen in love with Spencer and Whitney Blake! The couple decided to take infertility awareness to a new level -and not in a negative way. (You can read about their struggles and smiles on their blog.) They came up with a brilliant idea:

"We were on a road trip and our conversation turned to infertility and how pregnancy announcements can sometimes be hard for people like us to read or hear, even when we're legitimately happy for the people. We started thinking it would be funny to create our own infertile equivalents."

What exactly does this entail, you may ask? Take a gander at these awesome non-announcement pictures the couple has posted! They want you to smile - even laugh. That is their purpose. They have found peace through adoption, but thought they may help others find happiness in times of struggle.