Are you just dying to tell your family the news that you are pregnant, but you want so badly to hold out until the upcoming holiday? At My Baby's Heartbeat Bear, we completely understand your excitement! We are going to try to help you keep your secret and share the news in a big way.

The Christmas season is a time when families tend to come together and celebrate. They cook, bake, wrap, drink, laugh, and create memories. Choosing this time to tell them about the baby will solidify this as the best Christmas on record; until of course, next year when the baby is here!

We have created a list to help inspire you to come up with the perfect way to tell your own parents that they are about to become grandparents. Most of the ideas came from the world of Pinterest, and links are included if the source was found.


Ideas for Surprising New Grandparents

Before Christmas

Ornament or an Extra Stocking

Decorations are a great way to tell your parents you are pregnant. Bring over an ornament or new stocking for your parents to add at their house.

A small stocking labeled with the number 1 hangs on a lit christmas tree.

An Odd Menu Request

When menu planning for Christmas Eve, request pickles and ice-cream for dessert, and make sure to write NO WINE for Mama!

Matching PJ's

Start a tradition of family pajamas and gift a set to your parents. Make sure you include a matching onesie or baby pair of pj's in with grandpa's!

On Christmas

Let them unwrap a gift...


My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

Did you know that we carry heartbeat bears and accessories to share the big news with? You can have baby's heartbeat recorded at your next appointment and seal it inside the stuffed animal of your choice! We have kits to celebrate rainbow pregnancies, gender reveals, and regular old baby announcements! There is also a new line of cards that hold a picture of the ultrasound you can choose from. Gifting a heartbeat bear will be the start of the bond between grandparents and baby. It will give them a tangible keepsake they will treasure forever. (And oh! the surprise look on their faces when they try to figure out why you gifted them a stuffed animal with a heartbeat!)

A Family Tree

A framed picture of the family tree makes a beautiful gift. Leave room for several more names to be added in the future, but place a sticky 'Baby's Name Here' post-it pointing to one blank line under your name.

Your Favorite Childhood Book

Leave a note inside the cover saying, "Hi Grandma, I think this might be my favorite book too. Will you read it to me? Love, Your Grandbaby"

A Calendar

Create a picture calendar with family photos from the last year (or decade) and circle your due date. You can go a step farther and make your due month picture one from your ultrasound (or something else pregnancy related)

A Camera

While this may seem like a normal gift, it's the attached note that makes it genius. "Remember to capture the littlest things for they are what make the biggest impact in the world. This includes baby toes, baby hands, tiny smiles, and all of the milestones that should never be forgotten."

Jewelry and a Cigar

A necklace with stamped initials (hers, her children's and one blank one) for Grandma-To-Be and a Congratulations cigar for the Grandpa!

Permission To Spoil...

Let your parents open a card with the words 'Permission to Spoil' written inside. They'll be ridiculously confused and are certain to ask what it means. You then respond with, "We give you permission to spoil your grandchild rotten!"