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  1. Moms Rejoice Over This Post Baby Pill

    Moms Rejoice Over This Post Baby Pill

    When my first baby was born, I laughed at the idea of ingesting my placenta.  Heck, I didn’t even want to look at the organ after it was delivered!  I had this amazing unmedicated birth center birth, and I didn’t even look at my placenta. What was I thinking?

    Over the next year, we started falling further down the rabbit hole of all things natural.  Our lifestyle began to change as well as our views and practices.  By the time I was pregnant with baby #2, we were ready for a homebirth, I was teaching childbirth education classes, and I fully understood the power of the placenta.  Not only was I excited to see it, but I wanted it encapsulated.

    I took my placenta pills for a few weeks and then decided to stash them in the freezer.  I was making plenty of milk, had no signs of depression or baby blues, and was feeling great.  My husband asked me a few months later if I truly wanted to keep those suckers in the freezer long term. I simply laughed at him and swallowed two pills the morning after St. Patrick’s Day (in Savannah, mind you.) and went on my merry way while he suffered an awful hangover. Placenta Pills for the WIN!   He has never questioned  the frozen pills since. Continue reading

  2. Resolutions for Parents in 2016

    'Tis the season for making goals that are never kept.   Let’s change that this year.  You may not keep every resolution, but there are a few ways to break down and prioritize the list of things you’d like to add into your life (or delete from it!). Continue reading

  3. Honoring an Angel Baby at Christmas

    Honoring an Angel Baby at Christmas

    Before I truly start writing, I need to explain that this piece is personal and not easy to put into words.  My estimated due date was yesterday.  My baby gained her wings at 10 weeks gestation.  To so many people, that means so little, but to me and my family, that baby is missed.  I am currently due in March with our rainbow baby and looking forward to meeting this little boy, but I will always remember the baby who was gone too soon. Continue reading

  4. Bringing Your Newborn to the Holiday Party

    Go ahead and RSVP “Yes” to that party or gathering this season.  While having a newborn is a great excuse to get out of getting dressed up and socializing, you don’t have to stay home. Continue reading

  5. (Last Minute) Holiday Craft Ideas ANY Mom Can Pull Off

    I used to be crafty.  I’d love to say that I still am – and deep down, I would love to pull that side back out, but the reality is that I have 3.5 young children with me 24 hours a day. (Do you like how I added the ½? A pregnant belly definitely counts as a half.)  I can still pull off one or two really neat crafts a season, but I just don’t have the time or energy or willpower or cleaning tools to tackle most of the crazy intense crafts that moms out there are “pinning.”  Call me lazy, call me smart, or just bring wine and come hang out with me.  Our kids can do a few of these crafts while we enjoy actual adult conversation. Continue reading

  6. Pregnancy Must Haves


    Tis the season of giving, or getting your pregnant-self something if you’d rather.  My motto: Two gifts for others, one gift for myself.  I really recommend this shopping strategy!  But what do you need really want for this pregnancy?  That’s where I come in.  This is not my first rodeo, folks.  I’ve had a few chances to really figure out what luxuries you should be asking for this pregnancy.  If my list is missing anything, no worries, I polled social media moms for their favorite products or dream products while pregnant!  Your wish list won’t be lacking, that’s for sure. Continue reading