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  1. Supplements for Pregnancy

    Supplements for Pregnancy

    *Always consult your midwife or doctor with questions about supplements, dosage, and other concerns.

    The supplement world is overwhelming and it is so hard to look at the shelves and figure out what to purchase.  I’ve broken it down for you, well at least with the information that I have found!  These are the supplements I take while pregnant:  (I have low iron, so that is always on my supplement list!) Continue reading

  2. What to Eat When Pregnant

    What to Eat When Pregnant

    Pregnancy does not mean “EAT.IT.ALL.”  You have 40ish weeks to grow the perfect baby, if anything, pregnancy should be a wakeup call and lifestyle change if you are consuming sub-par foods.  I know you won’t eat perfectly, duh, our society is full of Cold Stone Creameries on every other corner. But, there is a huge difference between enjoying a treat every now and then, and consuming processed, chemical-filled “foods.”  The sad thing is that our minds have been trained and warped to believe so much that is so wrong.  We think we are making good decisions, but in reality, we are being lied to and consuming (for lack of a better word) crap.   “Low Fat” “Low Sugar” all of these labels mean that chemicals have been added to the products.  What’s a pregnant mama to do?  Simple: EAT.REAL.FOODS.  Stay away from GMO’s and anything processed (boxed items), and buy local and organic whenever possible. Continue reading

  3. A Whale of a Tale: Meet Kane

    A Whale of a Tale: Meet Kane
    Kane is a Blue Whale, a mammal belonging to the baleen whale family.  He comes from a very long line of mighty Blue Whales.   Weighing in at 190 tons, Kane is use to others fearing him.  But Kane is nothing to fear, for he has a loving and giving heart.  He can sense when there are troubles in the sea and is always looking to help.  He provides rides to those smaller than him, a wonderful hiding place to anyone scared, and uses his strength to move, lift, and help any animal in need. One day, the seas turned rough.  The waters became darker and sands began to churn.  The animals of the ocean knew to stay home, for a great storm was on the surface.  But Kane could not sleep.  Even through all of the underwater storm sounds, he heard something: something new.  He knew he was being called to help. Kane set out against the waves and rough seas, following the sound that was calling to him.  He followed it to the surface, where he saw a sailboat struggling in the storm.  The night sky was painted dark blue, with clouds covering the moon.  The nearest land could not be seen.  This boat was in trouble.  Kane heard the sound grow louder as he swam closer to the small boat.  He had never ventured this close to humans before, but the sound called to him.  Suddenly, he could see aboard the boat: Humans, two of them.  The sound grew louder, the sound of a heart beating, but it was not from the man or the woman.  The noise that had beckoned Kane was a baby’s heartbeat. These humans were growing a baby! And this tiny, unborn creature was in danger tonight.  There was a family aboard this vessel and they needed Kane’s help to find their home. Continue reading
  4. Don't Automatically Fear a Fever

    Don't Automatically Fear a Fever

    YUCK. It’s the time of winter crud being passed around like crayons at the school table.  Even the little ones are susceptible.  Viruses are everywhere right now, and the warm to cold temperatures outside are not helping.

    Seeing your little one feeling crappy is heartbreaking.  But instead of stressing over what a thermometer says, take the opportunity to practice skin to skin and snuggle with your baby, toddler, or child.  Because the truth is, that unless a temperature reaches 108* (yes one hundred EIGHT degrees) there is no harm in a fever.  I’d freak the F out if my kids ever came close to that temperature…  In all honesty, I am a worrier at anything over 102*, BUT I don’t run to the doctor or freak out.  I just start my natural minded interventions at this point.  I do however base my interventions on how my child is acting.  Before I share my steps to soothing (not snubbing out) a fever, I wanted to educate you on why you should not fear a fever. Continue reading

  5. Breastfeeding 101: Beginning the Breastfeeding Journey

    Breastfeeding 101: Beginning the Breastfeeding Journey

    I have been breastfeeding for 67 months, through 3 pregnancies with little break before each new baby was born.  We are expecting our 4th baby in a few months and will add on at least another 2 years or more to that total.  While I am not an expert, I have a few children’s worth of experience and I was raised by a lactation consultant mother, which means that boobs have been an open topic- my entire life.

    So let’s talk about the boobies. Breasts. Baby-Feeding Machines.  Because that is what they are meant for: feeding babies.

    Pregnant with my first baby, I was shocked to learn that breastfeeding takes work, and I am so glad that I had help.  The number one thing I will recommend to you is to seek out an awesome lactation consultant, preferably one that is board certified.  She will be worth her weight in gold and every single extra penny you may spend on her. Continue reading

  6. Winter Driving and Car Seat Safety

    Car seat accidents are the leading cause of death of children ages 12 and younger.

    As many as 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly.

    After reading reviews, ordering the safest car seat for your car and child, ensuring your child will be rear facing for as long as possible, and then reading the manual cover to cover (twice) and having the installation checked by a car seat technician, you may feel pretty confident that you’ve got this car seat safety thing nailed.  And I must say, you are steps ahead of most parents. However, winter adds a whole new element to keeping your child safe in the car.

    No matter where you live, if there is ever a moment you decide it is cold enough to put your infant, toddler, or child into a coat or jacket, then please read on. Continue reading