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  1. The First Trimester for Baby

    The First Trimester for Baby

    Fireworks occur at the moment you become pregnant. (Literally – Read about it HERE)

    But that is not considered the first day of your pregnancy. For an easy formula to determine an approximate due date, birth workers consider the first day of your last period as the beginning of pregnancy.  This is the day the first trimester begins.

    The body preps the uterine wall for a healthy attachment of a fertilized egg.  Ovulation takes place, and the egg is penetrated by a sperm.  This action is the moment of conception.  Every day after this is important, as that tiny egg is going to develop into a baby!

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  2. The Seasoned Mom Diaper Bag

    The Seasoned Mom Diaper Bag
    Let’s get real here.  Those pinterest lists of perfect diaper bag items are wonderful, in theory.  Don’t lie.  Baby #1, that list was wonderful and lasted the first few months, until baby outgrew the newborn clothing you had packed as backup, you run out of wipes, you hoard your receipts, and you spill Starbucks in the bag from lack of sleep.  Then you get real and decide that your bag packing has reached a new level: Seasoned Mom Level. Continue reading
  3. Protect Your Baby from the Summer Sun and Heat

    Protect Your Baby from the Summer Sun and Heat
    The sun is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm each day.  Although some days it feels like that window is much larger! Not only are babies at risk of sunburn, but our youngest ones are at increased risk of heat stroke.  Their tiny bodies have ‘virgin skin,’ and they can overheat quickly.  It is of utmost importance that you keep your infant hydrated through breastmilk or formula on demand.  Do not follow a feeding schedule because you may place your baby at risk for dehydration and overheating. Continue reading
  4. How to Fly with Your Baby

    How to Fly with Your Baby

    Flying with children is much harder than flying solo, or with another adult. BUT, flying with little ones shouldn’t deter you from flying.  Go ahead and book your tickets.  I will help you plan your way to a (somewhat) peaceful experience.

    A side note: Learn from my most recent overconfident mistake of not packing a second change of clothes for baby for the plane...  Yep, poop... EVERYWHERE.

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  5. Best and Worst Sunscreens 2016

    Best and Worst Sunscreens 2016
    It’s such a crapshoot out there. Shelves stocked full of sunscreen choices. You think that anything is better is nothing. You think that sunscreen not only keeps you from burning, but protects you from skin cancer. Obviously, you must buy it. Especially if you have a child. Heaven forbid you skip the sunscreen on a child. Again you think, ‘Anything is better than nothing.’ But this is wrong. So wrong. Continue reading
  6. Vitamin K at Birth

    Let’s Talk Vitamin K and Newborns

    Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting in adults and children. But newborns are different.  They are not born with sufficient amounts of the vitamin.  This alone is enough to make you question the necessity of an injection.  If all babies are born with little Vitamin K, it may be because it is what is meant to be.  But, understandably, some argue that Vitamin K is needed so it must be administered.

    It is quite rare, but in some newborns, a deficiency in Vitamin K can lead to a serious bleeding disorder, typically in the first week of life, called Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn (HDN). HDN is an internal bleeding that occurs in the brain and other organs, leading to serious injury or potentially even death.

    Due to this disease, which may affect 0.25% of infants, it has become standard treatment to give a Vitamin K injection as a preventative measure to all infants at birth, even when risk factors are not present. Continue reading