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  1. Nature Preschool: The Next Big Thing.

    Nature Preschool: The Next Big Thing.
    My friends and I span all walks of the education spectrum.  While I am homeschooling my tribe through co-ops and at home, some of my nearest and dearest send their little ones to public, private, motessori, and waldorf schools. Some even -gasp- unschool their children.  A few of us were chatting about our almost 3 year olds and the outrageous expectations placed on them in our current education system. One friend told us that she was signing her son up this year for a ‘Nature Preschool.’  The rest of us thought she was talking about a fancy new preschool in the city that may have a more elaborate nature-inspired playground.  And then she pulled up this fabulous website. And then our jaws dropped. Continue reading
  2. Gender Reveals: Celebrity Style

    Gender Reveals: Celebrity Style

    A normal gender reveal photo on social media makes you say, "AWWWWWWWWWW."    But scroll across a celebrity's announcement of his or her baby's gender and time stands still for a moment.

    We all like to pretend that we actually know these people.  Technically, through five-degrees-of-separation, I guess we do! Reality is that it is just plain fun to obsess and feel invested in a celebrity's life.  You may even start dreaming of baby names for the happy (or not-so-happy) couple!  Heck, I think I will go ahead and name these babies!  I mean, I'm basically BFF with most of them - They will love my name ideas!

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  3. Learn How Your Baby is Growing in The Second Trimester

    Learn How Your Baby is Growing in The Second Trimester

    You are growing a baby. A BABY. This little being is moving inside of you, kicking and twisting, quickly growing and developing into the newborn that you will so lovingly dote over in a few short months.

    Welcome to weeks 13-27, better known as the second trimester.

    Things will seem so much more real once you start feeling your baby, and by the end of this trimester, you may just wonder how much bigger your uterus can get – and you will definitely be feeling some feet near your ribs.

    What is happening inside that womb right now?

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  4. Keeping Kids Safe This 4th of July

    Keeping Kids Safe This 4th of July

    I have 3 active ‘Sparkler Holders’ this 4th of July, and I have a 4th who will want to touch all of the pretty colors!  I really do not want to be a part of the thousands who rush to the emergency room from a firework injury.

    I understand that the absolute safest way to avoid injury is to avoid fireworks.  All fireworks.  That means sparklers, poppers, and anything else sold on the side of the road.

    But let’s be real.  My family is going to take part in the festivities.  If you are going to be too, then let’s plan to keep our children and ourselves safe while doing so.

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  5. Facts About 4th of July

    Facts About 4th of July
    Red, white, and blue family pictures, sparklers, fireworks, and bbqs – that is what our children think the 4th of July is all about.  I know that’s what I thought it was about when I was their age too. The fourth of July was my favorite day of summer as a child.  We were in the pool from sun up until later afternoon, when we bbq’d with friends and walked to watch the firework show.  We dressed in red, white, and blue and threw little poppers onto the sidewalk late into the night. Continue reading
  6. 14 Festive 4th of July Dishes and Drinks

    14 Festive 4th of July Dishes and Drinks

    Backyard BBQ's are about to be had all over our great country.

    Bare feet, sprinklers, swimsuits, watermelon, sparklers, American flags, and ice-cream will be the common ground in every town across our nation.

    I love the 4th of July.  I have always loved it.  Laying in the backyard and watching the fireworks, counting stars, and staying up late.  We lived in our swimsuits from early morning until crawling into bed.  Now that I have four kids, the 4th of July has become even more spectacular.  We have done fireworks on the National Mall in Washington, DC - and there is nothing as patriotic. Continue reading