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  1. What is Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid – Is it Normal?

    What is Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid – Is it Normal?

    “Meconium in the water; Baby is in danger. We need to get the baby out!”

    So many birthing women have heard something similar to this while in labor. There is nothing scarier than hearing baby could be in distress. Without batting an eyelash, you do whatever the doctor says from that moment forward. “Save my baby!” you think. But what if your baby is not actually in danger at all?

    You see, current research has disproven the need of immediate alarm that occurs when poop is found in the amniotic fluid. Meconium staining may not only be ‘not scary’ for almost every birth, but it is actually quite normal for babies born between 37-42 weeks gestation. Continue reading

  2. Skin to Skin: Kangaroo Care

    Skin to Skin: Kangaroo Care

    Childbirth is raw and real. It is emotional and sometimes dirty. Childbirth is also perfection. A woman's body is a complete functioning art that can be described as miraculous. We grow human beings. We also have an innate sense of protecting these new beings. Throughout the decades, though, our commercialized-society has tried to strip us of this capability and plant seeds of doubt within our minds. But, times are turning, and moms are embracing themselves, their instincts, their capabilities, and the true science that backs what we all already know.

    Gone are the days when a newborn should be wiped down and swaddled before being held. Science backs what moms knew: the absolute best place for a baby immediately after birth is on Mom's bare chest. Continue reading

  3. Remembering there is a Fourth Trimester

    Remembering there is a Fourth Trimester

    Pregnancy is a journey of growth for mother and baby. You live the healthiest lifestyle possible during those nine months to yield the healthiest possible outcome: a sweet and strong baby. That, however, is where most books and classes end. For some reason, there is no manual on what comes next. No one sends you home with a “How-To” handout on being the best parent for your child. While that is okay, you will find your way as the weeks turn to months and the rhythm of routine settles. The problem is that our society has gone against mother’s intuition and has set expectations for these babies who have just entered the world. For example, sleeping through the night in their own room from just weeks old, or using every new shiny contraption to hold baby so parents don’t have to… or the best: not picking up a crying child for fear of spoiling them. Continue reading

  4. Creative St. Patrick`s Day Pregnancy Announcements

    Creative St. Patrick`s Day Pregnancy Announcements
    Anyone lucky enough to be announcing a pregnancy in the upcoming days may want to consider one of these fun St. Patrick's Day ideas! Continue reading
  5. 21 Recipes for the DIY Baby Food Parent

    21 Recipes for the DIY Baby Food Parent

    Now that your little love has experienced all of these foods individually and shown no reactions, the real fun begins! Let’s get that kitchen messy and make some baby food.

    Continue reading

  6. The First 48 Hours for Baby

    The First 48 Hours for Baby

    We have just welcomed baby #4, Mr. Ollie Jack, to the world.  He came in like a freight train (Read more about his birth HERE) and our lives feel as though they are moving faster than ever, but at the same time in slow motion as we take every aspect of Ollie in.  Our 4th natural, unmedicated birth, and 3rd homebirth (but 1st unassisted birth!), we had a plan – a plan that was thrown out the window as he arrived.  Everything from his birth and golden hour, to my “Lying-In” time hasn’t been what I pictured, but here we are: loving a newborn and figuring it all out. Continue reading