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  1. Jaundice In New Born & How to Control It

    Jaundice In New Born & How to Control It

    Why can't babies come with instruction manuals? Why can't they give an hour crash course before sending you home? Even if they did, would it really change how much a parent worries?

    Home is such a welcoming and warm place to be after giving birth. You want your own bed, your baby's items that you picked out... You want your own food and family. So when you get to go home, the last thing you are thinking about is your baby changing colors. Yes, you read that right -- changing colors. Continue reading

  2. Sperm Quality Matters

    Sperm Quality Matters

    Men play half the role in creating a pregnancy.  While most men assume that their sperm is healthy and ready to fertilize an egg, the lifestyle that they are leading may be reason to believe otherwise.  Having high quality sperm is vital, and boosting the quality of the sperm can be done in many natural ways. Continue reading

  3. Mucus Plug – What it is and When you lose it

    Mucus Plug – What it is and When you lose it

    You know you want to see a mucus plug.  A giant snot-textured, slightly colored glob of mucus that falls out of your vagina at the end of pregnancy, and you aren’t the least bit curious? No way. Pregnancy brings with it some weird stuff, but this takes the cake.  It is about time that more women learned about this disgusting snot-ball of ick. Continue reading

  4. The Amazing Uterus

    The Amazing Uterus

    Until puberty, you probably never thought about your uterus.  You may not even have known it existed unless you had a great parent or anatomy class.

    Prepare to be blown away.

    The first fun fact is that the vagina is actually INSIDE the body.  Can you please help educate the future generations of women and explain to them that the labia (the lips) are what is seen… or use the correct term for the entire area, vulva – NOT the vagina.  Please and Thank You!

    Continue reading

  5. Teething Signs and Symptoms | Baby’s First Teeth

    Teething Signs and Symptoms | Baby’s First Teeth

    The misery of teething is basically contagious.  Most parents can relate to the sleepless nights, constant crankiness, and pools of drool that seem to happen for weeks prior to a tooth cutting through.  But the little spit maker is still so cute that we (the parents) do our best to survive the process and push through until the happy crawling human reappears. Continue reading

  6. Baby Acne on Face: What are the Causes and Treatments

    Baby Acne on Face: What are the Causes and Treatments

    Tiny red bumps.


    Your newborn’s perfect complexion seems to have turned into the skin belonging to a hormonal, pubescent teenager.

    What gives?

    Apparently newborn acne is ‘normal.’

    I do agree that the pimples are common, but that does not necessarily mean they are always normal. Continue reading