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  1. 5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Better Connect with Patients

    5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Better Connect with Patients

    In the medical profession, it can often seem as though it takes an eternity to acquire new patients but only a second to lose them. This is no different when it comes to the field of sonography, in particular. Mothers-to-be have understandably high expectations for their healthcare. They want personalized attention, modern convenience and relational engagement. They want a physician who advocates for their child’s well-being—and their own—instead of treating them like a number on the patient assembly line. Continue reading

  2. Embracing Your Independent Toddler

    Embracing Your Independent Toddler

    The term ‘strong-willed’ is being thrown around like gold fish crackers at the playgrounds these days, and it seems as though everyone has one of these ‘hard’ tots at home. I’m serious; every single mom friend I have tells me she has the next world leader under her roof. With that many strong-willed kids, you’d think there was something in the air… Continue reading

  3. The Absolute Worst (and best) Sunscreens of 2018

    The Absolute Worst (and best) Sunscreens of 2018

    As I sat by the pool sipping my margarita while my five perfectly well-behaved children swam without splashing anyone, I was overwhelmed by the mist and cloud of toxic chemicals from a nearby sunscreen-spraying family.

    Ok – reality looked more like this:

    I pushed a double stroller full of children, towels, coolers, toys, floats, and all the swim things onto the pool deck. I found a single chair and made enough room to squeeze the stroller next to it. At this point, I’m already sweating, but I lined the kids up in single-file and started the sunscreen assembly line. The sunscreen we use (Blue Lizard) is not cheap. It is bright white and takes a good rubbing to keep the kids from looking like ghosts, but it works. It is also safe. Continue reading

  4. Natural Birth Control Methods can be 98% Effective

    Natural Birth Control Methods can be 98% Effective

    You read the title correct: natural birth control methods can be just as effective - not to mention safer for your body - than hormonal birth control.

    The birth control pill was approved by the FDA in 1960.  Regarded as a hero drug among women, the pill gave women the freedom to have sex without worrying about becoming pregnant.  Very few people questioned the side effects and risks of hormonal birth control, and still today, the pill is given as a “right of passage” to most teens. Yet, study after study leads us down a road of questions and worry. Continue reading

  5. Hero by Day and by Night: Finally a Pregnant Superhero

    Hero by Day and by Night: Finally a Pregnant Superhero
    With the rise in popularity of comic books due to the Marvel movie series, it isn’t surprising that the storylines are shifting to include a new genre of readers. No longer are just teenagers hiding in their rooms with these books, the fans have grown up and are sharing the love with their children. It’s almost natural for these heroes...
  6. VBAC: A Beautiful Journey

    VBAC: A Beautiful Journey

    You have in your arms a beautiful child already, maybe more than one. You are all happy and healthy, but something about your previous birth haunts you. Something says, “I want to do it different next time.”

    Take charge of your pregnancy and birth. You CAN have a VBAC. Having worked with several couples striving for this goal, I have created a “To-Do List” for couples to complete on their beautiful journey to healing and (hopefully natural) vaginal birth.
    Continue reading

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