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  1. VBAC: A Beautiful Journey

    (Pictures throughout are from Christine’s beautiful homebirth VBAC journey.)

    1You have in your arms a beautiful child already, maybe more than one. You are all happy and healthy, but something about your previous birth haunts you. Something says, “I want to do it different next time.”

    Take charge of your pregnancy and birth. You CAN have a VBAC. Having worked with several couples striving for this goal, I have created a “To-Do List” for couples to complete on their beautiful journey to healing and (hopefully natural) vaginal birth.
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  2. Say “NO” to Baby Cereal

    Say “NO” to Baby Cereal

    A baby should never have “cereal.” He shouldn’t have it as a first food; she should not have it as a “thickening agent” added to a bottle to help her sleep through the night. It should not be added to a bottle to help an infant with reflux. Cereal has absolutely no good purpose in a baby’s body.

    We wonder why people are addicted to sugars and starches, but yet the past 50 years, babies have been introduced to a rice cereal as their first food. It is engrained in us.
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  3. Babywearing for Beginners

    Babywearing for Beginners

    So, you are going to welcome a new little baby into the world soon and you are wondering about babywearing. There is a big, bright world of carrier options out there, it's hard not to be intimidated! I will warn you though, once you get the hang of babywearing, you *may* become slightly obsessed. Continue reading

  4. Second Trimester for the Mom

    Second Trimester for the Mom

    Is reality setting in yet?  Your body will be physically changing over the next few months, and most moms say that this stage of pregnancy is when they start really bonding with their babies.

    Sometime during this trimester, people will actually be able to see that you are pregnant.  You may have to ward off strangers wanting to touch your belly; and you may hate your scale. Continue reading

  5. What is Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid – Is it Normal?

    What is Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid – Is it Normal?

    “Meconium in the water; Baby is in danger. We need to get the baby out!”

    So many birthing women have heard something similar to this while in labor. There is nothing scarier than hearing baby could be in distress. Without batting an eyelash, you do whatever the doctor says from that moment forward. “Save my baby!” you think. But what if your baby is not actually in danger at all?

    You see, current research has disproven the need of immediate alarm that occurs when poop is found in the amniotic fluid. Meconium staining may not only be ‘not scary’ for almost every birth, but it is actually quite normal for babies born between 37-42 weeks gestation. Continue reading

  6. Skin to Skin: Kangaroo Care

    Skin to Skin: Kangaroo Care

    Childbirth is raw and real. It is emotional and sometimes dirty. Childbirth is also perfection. A woman's body is a complete functioning art that can be described as miraculous. We grow human beings. We also have an innate sense of protecting these new beings. Throughout the decades, though, our commercialized-society has tried to strip us of this capability and plant seeds of doubt within our minds. But, times are turning, and moms are embracing themselves, their instincts, their capabilities, and the true science that backs what we all already know.

    Gone are the days when a newborn should be wiped down and swaddled before being held. Science backs what moms knew: the absolute best place for a baby immediately after birth is on Mom's bare chest. Continue reading

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