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Ultrasound Emotions

  • The Emotions Behind an Ultrasound

    The Emotions Behind an Ultrasound

    The day has come to say hello, to see the one who’s still so small.

    A heartbeat will bring many tears, but still will come all the fears.

    Will she grow strong and tall? Will we lose him… and my heart will fall?

    Are there two or three? Will my birth choice be mine to make free?

    My arms ache to hold you. My heart aches to know you.

    Above all else though, I know you are mine.

    I will love you in every way, no matter what the doctor will say.

    Today is the day that I will see your face, tiny and real, you will move to a place

    A place in my heart I had never found…

    Until today’s ultrasound.


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