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  • The 12 Worst Ingredients In Your Toddler’s Foods

    Everyone has heard of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ – You know, the list of 12 foods that you should be avoiding unless they are organic.  But did you know that there are specific ingredients we need to be looking out for?  Common sense tells us that the ingredient labels should be easy to read (containing actual foods), but our wallets and cravings steer us directly toward the opposite.  We like to say ‘Everything in Moderation’ but the reality is that we are just addicted to it all.  What’s worse? Our children are following in our footsteps. Continue reading

  • Why Your Child Needs the Right Foods


    The stress of grocery shopping makes me want to hurl.  Meal planning and list making, week after week, and watching the money be sucked from me…  I dread it.  But another week is here, and our family of 6 needs fed.  I scour Pinterest for ideas.

    This is part of the problem.  There are too many options.  There are so many options that it becomes too overwhelming.  You give in and order pizza, for the second time this week.  You pull freezer meals out or grab a box of macaroni from the pantry.

    You can’t be perfect, trust me – I get it.  But we are basically poisoning our children (and ourselves) by living this way.

    It’s time to simplify.

    Continue reading

  • Wine Pairings for Toddler Leftovers.

    I like to think that I’m pretty classy. It may be in my head though.

    Four babies later, I rock my ‘Mom Bun’ and yoga pants pretty much around the clock.  That being said, my pre-pre-pre-pre-baby ‘ass-hugging jeans’ are still in my closet and do make an appearance every so often.  You know, when we can afford a babysitter to watch this many children; we aren’t so tired that we do actually make it out the door, and there’s somewhere more inviting than our couch and Netflix.  It may be rare, but we do go out.  We are still madly in love and enjoy one another’s company.  Typically, our date nights revolve around wine.  We live near lots of wineries and enjoy sampling the goods.

    Ok, now that I have established that I CAN actually get all fancied up and have a life, the reality is that most nights, I scrape the leftovers from all of my children’s plates onto my own.  (OOOOOOH Don’t you judge me.  I am NOT alone on this, right?)   We don’t like to throw food away in our house.  If the kids don’t eat it all, my husband and I will. Continue reading

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