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  • Easy, Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

    You have been cooking for days and the main event has come to an end.  The dishes aren’t even out of the dishwasher yet, but you need to figure out what to do with all of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

    I’ve been pinning ideas and laughing at the options out there.  I cannot be the only parent that watches their children munch a few bites of turkey, eat some potatoes, and push around everything else on their plates…  right?  All of that hard work!  Who am I kidding? I’ll be excited if my kids taste the stuffing, but I won’t hold my breath.  Have you looked at the leftover recipe ideas for kids out in the blogosphere?  Cranberry waffles.  Will your kids eat something other than maple syrup on top of their waffles? If you answer yes, please send me all of your parenting secrets.  I would bet very few toddlers will devour a waffle covered in a thick cranberry sauce full of chunky berries.  Am I wrong? Continue reading

  • A Mother’s Holiday Timeline

    Let the Holiday Season Begin

    How did November walk through the front door already?  In less than 2 months, we will be ringing in 2017.  TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN.  HOW? And where are the flying cars?  My elementary school self is extremely disappointed…

    I digress.


    We have close to 3 weeks until Thanksgiving (HOLY CRAP), and about 7 weeks until Christmas and Hanukkah, and 8 weeks until the new year.  That’s not much time once you throw in the everyday life events of work, keeping children alive (and running them to every sport on the planet) and doing laundry (OMG THE NEVERENDING LAUNDRY). Continue reading

  • Holiday Hosting While Pregnant

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