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Summer Mocktails for Mommies to Be

If you are pregnant and looking for more than just a sip of your husband’s beer this summer (fess up – I do it too), then look no further. 

I have spent a few summers unable to enjoy the margaritas.  I am happy to report that baby #4 was a March baby.  So I missed out on red wine season (which is my least favorite anyway!), but I’ll be enjoying my summer vacations with an adult beverage this year!  However, a little bird just let me know that there will need to be some non-alcoholic drinks available for her this summer!  Eeeeeeeek!!  I am so excited! 

The great friend that I am, of course I have my menu planned for all of our gatherings.  Instead of setting out water glasses or lemonade, I want her to feel completely included (and will not judge her at all if she secretly has a sip of mine!).

Here's What I Have Planned:

The Virgin Mojito: You may not be a virgin anymore (hence the expanding belly)...   but this drink is yummy enough to make you happy!




Punchless Frozen Margarita: The slushy texture will meet your craving.


A Sangria Sans Alcohol:  Oh sangria is pretty.  All the delicious fruits soaking up the flavor of a delicious combination of liquids. No summer BBQ is perfect without one.  This one will quench your thirst and have you snacking on all the fruit left in your glass.


Lemon Berry Slushy:  Can you tell that I enjoy the slushies? I don't know if I really like them, or if it's just that I have so many kids that slushies have become a summer staple in my home! Either way, this is delicious!



The Blueberry Faux-jito: Mint, lime, blueberries, and sugar.  You seriously cannot go wrong here.


Pink Bubbly:  Thiis may not be champagne, but the bubbles will still tickle your tongue!



Mama's Mocktail:  While sex on the beach may have landed you unable to drink a true 'sex on the beach,'  don't fret.  This liquid concoction will leave you smiling.


The Red Sangria: A completely different taste than the white sangria listed above.  This joyful drink has hints of citrus and cinnamon.  Cheers!


Mango Mamarita:  Oh Mama -- sit back and enjoy the mango love poured into this faux-margarita.



I guess I don't need to add "Drink Responsibly" here, right? (Oh, I'm cracking myself up with all the wit I've used in this post!)

On another note, you are growing a tiny human being - a precious little miracle.  Go ahead and sip your partner's beer, even enjoy a small glass of something 'real' (I don't judge), but know that there are so many mouth-watering non-alcoholic options out there!  You don't have to drink unflavored water at your BBQ - spice things up with one of these mocktails!

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