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Summer Fun

  • Family Fun On A Budget - While Pregnant in the Summer

    Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to sit around and miss out on a summer of fun with your family! It’s too easy to get caught sitting on your rear instead of partaking in the adventure and sun that is summer. Whether you are in your 1st, 2nd, or (like me) 3rd trimester this summer, grab the family, check the bank account, and start having some fun. Continue reading

  • 2016 Summer Bucket List

    The temperature is rising. Spring is finally in the air. But the talk around town is Summer. Summer camps, vacations, playdates, and pools. The endless days of sunshine, swimming, and outside play will be here soon, so it’s time to start planning.

    I have four little ones under ages 6,4,2, and newborn. I don’t ever pee alone.

    While we are a year-round homeschooling family (because why turn off learning?), we still count the days until the pool opens and swimsuits are the outfit of choice – and children play outside the entire day. Continue reading

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