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summer baby

  • 6 Must-Haves For New Moms This Summer

    The countdown to baby has dwindled to just a few weeks – if that. There may not be much left on the ‘To-Do’ list; the birth bag is ready, rocking chair is ready, and baby shower is over. It’s time to just sit back and float around the pool… Continue reading

  • 2017 Summer Baby Necessities

    Tiny little fingers and tiny little toes… and all of those delicious baby rolls to kiss on!

    Oh, the newness, that first summer of sun-kissed skin, it’s a season that will stay with you forever.

    You don’t want to hole up at home in the air conditioning, hiding! NO! You want to show off that spectacular being that you birthed. But yet, it’s HOT outside. What’s a new mom to do? Shop of course! Continue reading

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