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Stressed Mom

  • HELP. I’M DROWNING IN LIFE. –The Overwhelmed Mother


    A foreign word at this point.

    “Mama. Mama. Mama. MAMA!” A toddler is screaming 3 inches from my face, while I was trying to rock an infant down for a nap. A nap that will never happen now.

    Dinner should have been started about an hour ago, but the toddler has spilled an entire box of cereal throughout the kitchen and decided to “help” clean it up with a soapy, wet dish towel.  You know, making it impossible to sweep it all easily.

    Bills need paid, the laundry pile is taking over an entire room, you are out of wine, your hair is in the same bun you created 2 days ago, the fridge is looking bare, and the baby could possibly be cutting a tooth.  Oh crap, now there’s glitter being mixed into the cereal mess. Sh*t, you could really use a glass of wine. Continue reading

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