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  • Gender Wives Tales

    While all that matters is a happy and healthy family, most parents count down the days until they know the gender of their little in-utero baby. Even if you are crazy like my husband and me, and wait until birth to know, there is so much fun to be had in guessing throughout pregnancy. Every time I am pregnant (this would be pregnancy #5, baby #4), I hear some other crazy way of guessing if baby is a girl or boy. From peeing on baking soda to spinning your wedding band, the wives’ tales seem to be endless.

    No fear, I have decided to compile a list of every gender wives’ tale I can find AND try as many of them as possible. I’m almost 15 weeks along and would love to partake in some ridiculous fun! I mean I know I’ll be giving birth to an actual baby, right? It can’t be a puppy. Although, if the wives’ tale doesn’t lean girl or boy, maybe it will be a puppy! Without further ado, bring on the wives’ tales!

    Remember this is all in fun and you have a 50/50 shot at either gender, so don’t go buying pink or blue until you know for sure. I should also mention, that for every wives’ tale I read about, there was another one stating the opposite! So I averaged them out and created this list based on the most accurate resources. Continue reading

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