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School’s Out: Summertime Cocktails for Grown-ups

The local pools are opening.

The beach is beckoning.

The new swimsuit is being purchased.

Life slows down a bit.

Backpacks are traded for bikes and scooters.

Laughter fills the air.

Vacations are booked.

The kids are going to sleep in every day…    Ok, I’m getting carried away.



I was raised on the beaches you see on postcards.  Palm trees grew everywhere and the temperature never dropped below 85 degrees year-round.  But my husband and I traded in our southern one-season lifestyle for all four seasons to raise our children.  What were we thinking? Getting four children dressed in layers half of the year is not a joyful experience, and flip flops are so much easier than snow boots.  Although, we love it.  I feel as though we appreciate every drop of sunshine and warmth.  We live at the pool from opening day to closing, and then draw the summer out as long as possible in our own backyard.

It's that time of year.  We went shopping for new pool towels and floats yesterday.  I feel like I’m an antsy school kid counting the seconds until summer break.  Even better, I feel like I’m a college kid (yes kid – there’s no way that was part of my adulthood) planning a summer adventure.

Back to reality over here.  Summer is definitely amazing.  I’m not taking a college booze cruise to the Bahamas or anything, but I’m glad that stage is over.  I love the lazy days of sunshine and nowhere to be.  Reading books poolside with the kids, and watching them learn to conquer fears and experience the magic that is jumping off diving boards and riding two-wheelers. 

My husband still works crazy hours all summer, but I love to take advantage of the season and take the kids on beach vacations with friends and family, road trips, and ‘stay-cations.’  What would any of these occasions be without a delicious lick-your-glass-dry kind of summer-time cocktail? 

Not that you need any of the above reasons to try one of these Summer Cocktails!  I just like to plan new fun beverages to try with great company.

Cheers to Summer.

Here are the drinks I highly recommend this summer, as I will be enjoying them too:

The Strawberry Shortcake Sangria



Vodka Pear Lemonade


Blueberry Vojito


Mimosa Sangria


Grapefruit Salty Dog  


Beach House Cosmos


Vodka Strawberry Lemonade


Sunset Slushy Margarita


Champagne Margarita



A few tricks I’ve learned:

Don’t forget to keep frozen fruit on hand, as a strawberry from the freezer will not only keep your wine cooler longer, but it’ll give it a hint of summer too.


If you want to get fancier than the frozen fruit, freeze high quality fruit juices (berry flavored, peach, etc) in ice cube trays and toss them in to add a new flavor to your drink – or tone it down if it’s a bit too intense.

Even fancier? Stick an upside-down popsicle into the drink.



Stay tuned for my pregnant version (or kid version, or just delicious version without alcohol!) of Summer Mocktails.

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