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  • Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive: The True Story

    I believe in honesty. I believe in childhood magic.  I also believe in Santa.

    Our home is full of children, but years ago, when there was only one small blonde head toddling around, we were unsure of how to approach the whole ‘Santa Lie.’  It is so magical to believe, but it is so heartbreaking to learn that you have been lied to for years…  That was when I started doing what I do best: researching.  By putting pieces of old stories, legends, and beliefs together, we not only changed the way we would talk about Santa Claus in our home, but we became true believers. Continue reading

  • 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Wear, Read, Want, Need, Give, and Get From Santa

    This generation of parents – US – we are changing things.  We are parenting in a time when research is readily available, and we are all well aware of the mistakes that have come before us. We are making changes and causing waves, shaking it all up!  (Or trying to anyway.) Continue reading

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