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  • What You Need To Know About Sunscreen Before You Buy

    The Environmental Working Group releases the best and worst sunscreens at the start of summer each year. It is covered in every blog, everywhere… But there is something else that needs discussed this summer.  If you take the time to read the EWG.org page, you will discover that researchers have figured out that sunscreen is not preventing against the significant rise in skin cancer.   It is reported that sunscreen is only a step in helping the skin stay healthy, and depending solely on it is a big mistake. Continue reading

  • Best and Worst Sunscreens 2016

    It’s such a crapshoot out there. Shelves stocked full of sunscreen choices. You think that anything is better is nothing. You think that sunscreen not only keeps you from burning, but protects you from skin cancer. Obviously, you must buy it. Especially if you have a child. Heaven forbid you skip the sunscreen on a child. Again you think, ‘Anything is better than nothing.’

    But this is wrong. So wrong.

    Continue reading

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