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roadtrip with kids

  • Single Mom Driving: Tips for 2,300 mile Roadtrip

    Packing for this trip is quite complicated.  23 days and (well over-i'm sure) 2,300 miles with myself and 4 little ones makes for an interesting packing situation.  There is no way I’m dragging in 4 suitcases, diapers, baby crap, food, and everything else in and out of our single location overnight stays.  No idea what I’m talking about?  Click HERE.

    I’m going to share my tips and crazy ideas for how to pack bags, necessities, food, and everything else so that a trip like this is not only manageable, but low-stress and FUN! Continue reading

  • Single Mom Driving: 1 mom, 4 littles, 2300 miles


    I have lost my mind.

    Roughly 1,150 miles down the east coast and 1,150 back will add up to who knows how many realistic miles... I can't even think about the "Are We There YET?" comments.

    Don't you worry, there is a case of wine packed in the trunk. Continue reading

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