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  • Premature Rupture of Membranes PROM: To Induce or Not?


    The ’24 Hour Window’

    The 1950’s and 1960’s was a time in which doctors created the timeframe for women to labor and birth.  Once the water broke, women were ‘on the clock.’

    For some reason, this outdated tradition has continued to be common practice in hospitals (and birth centers) across the country.  For liability purposes, most birth centers cannot extend a woman’s birthing time past 24 hours if her water has broken, although some centers do have longer timeframes.  Hospitals, however, are known to give an 18-24 hour window.  But why?   Does something magically happen after 24 hours?

    No. Actually nothing happens. 

    That’s right.  There are no sudden increased risk factors after 24 hours.  There is not a medical emergency needing a c-section.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the body that does not start labor immediately after the water has broken naturally.

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