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prevent preeclampsia

  • Low Vitamin D and Possible Preterm Labor

    MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) has long been the go-to for all things Vitamin D research related. Recently, MUSC released new information  possibly linking low vitamin D levels to preterm birth. With previous research possibly linking the same low levels of Vitamin D to increased risk of autism (learn more Here) and multiple sclerosis (learn more Here and Here), it's time for pregnant women to start paying attention! Continue reading

  • Lowering the Risk of Preeclampsia

    How can you prevent a condition in which the cause is not specifically known?  Good question. 

    The truth is that you may not be able to prevent preeclampsia 100%, but research shows that there are numerous ways to lower your risk of developing it.

    Preeclampsia should not exist at the level that it does in the US today.  This is a scary fact; the United States leads the charts on preeclampsia diagnoses each year by staggering amounts.  Alongside of our mortifyingly high maternal and infant death rates that are also at the top of the charts, this should beg for attention.  We are obviously doing things wrong.

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    Preeclampsia is a very serious pregnancy complication for which the only known cure is delivery of the baby. Although some medication can keep the symptoms at bay, waiting too long to deliver can lead to full blown eclampsia, organ failure and other complications in the mother and baby. Preeclampsia has mortality risk factors for both mother and baby and all possible prevention methods should be put in place at the first sign of pregnancy.

    Our lifestyle and food choices are literally killing us – and our babies.  The chemicals and toxins found in our water, on our foods, in our foods, and even in our overly-polluted air are hurting us. 

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