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  • 5 Ways to Help Preschool Anxiety

    Are you or your toddler more anxious for this huge milestone? Are you terrified that your baby will be left out – or (possibly worse) leave another child out? Will she be the class-biter – What if a kid BITES HER? Oh.Dear.Lord. What if she doesn’t get a smiley face sticker for the day?

    And then you realize that you’ll sit outside of the classroom door ‘just in case,’ but then people will see that you are crazy… Instead, you can sit in your car outside of the school entrance. That way, you can have a glass of wine to ease your nerves. Wait – that may actually mean you are crazy. Continue reading

  • Nature Preschool: The Next Big Thing.

    My friends and I span all walks of the education spectrum.  While I am homeschooling my tribe through co-ops and at home, some of my nearest and dearest send their little ones to public, private, motessori, and waldorf schools. Some even -gasp- unschool their children.  A few of us were chatting about our almost 3 year olds and the outrageous expectations placed on them in our current education system.

    One friend told us that she was signing her son up this year for a ‘Nature Preschool.’  The rest of us thought she was talking about a fancy new preschool in the city that may have a more elaborate nature-inspired playground.  And then she pulled up this fabulous website. And then our jaws dropped.

    Continue reading

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