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pregnant in the summer

  • Summer Heat and Pregnancy

    The temperatures across the country have yet to make up their mind about this year’s transition to summer, and while some areas are still clinging to cooler weather, some of us are already sweating through our underwear. If the three-digit temperatures here are any indication on what the weather gods have planned for the next four months, we all may melt. Continue reading

  • 8 Ways to Survive the Summer Pregnant

    I actually love being pregnant in the summer. Call me crazy - go ahead, but hear me out.

    Fewer Maternity Clothes

    Swimming Pools


    You get plenty of Vitamin D

    All of Fall, Winter, and Spring to Lose the Baby Weight

    Summer babies tend to be at risk for less illnesses

    It's Farmer Market Season!

    Maxi Dresses are Awesome

    Summer Babymoon-Vacations are the BEST Continue reading

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