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  • Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy: Knowing Before the Test

    There are now home pregnancy tests that can confirm pregnancy a week before you miss your period.  That means that just 7 days after ovulation occurs and conception begins, you may see a VERY FAINT pink line.  But for those of us that overanalyze everything, we need to know even earlier.

    1 in 3 pregnancies naturally ends in miscarriage.  There are also pregnancies called “Chemical Pregnancies,” which means that an egg and sperm may have met and tried to create a healthy fertilization, but something didn’t follow through.  A chemical pregnancy is the term given when a faint positive test result shows prior to a missed period, but then the cycle begins within a few days of when it was due.  The tests never grow darker and the hormones balance out quickly because they never rose above a very low amount. Continue reading

  • 50 Pregnancy Ailments: What’s Normal and How to Help.


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    Every pregnancy is different. While you do gain infinite wisdom after birthing a baby, the next pregnancy may just bowl you over with not one similarity to the other. Whether you are an anxious, high-stressed mom-to-be who wants to know every possible ailment that may be heading her way; or you are a mellow, mom of four who thought she had experienced it all, this list may become a useful tool.
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