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Pregnancy Sex Tips

  • 10 Best Sex Tips, Positions, and Play Rules for Pregnancy

    Erotic Dreams.  New Positions.  Better Orgasms. OH- the FUN of pregnancy SEX.

    I have been pregnant a total of 148 weeks so far (not kidding – that’s 3 kids, with another baking).  That’s 2.85 YEARS of being pregnant - SO FAR.

    You better believe I know how to have good sex while baking babies.  My husband has said numerous times just how much he loves pregnant sex.  It brings out the animal in me. (Well, after the morning sickness stage ends).  Just in case my experiences aren’t enough, I’ve scoured the entire internet for all the juicy details of so many pregnant couples’ love lives – just for you.

    Let’s jump right into bed, shall we? Continue reading

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