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  • 10 Common Complications of Labor

    The term ‘Complications’ umbrellas so many possibilities when it comes to labor.  As a mother, giving birth is already scary enough, but if you hear the doctor label your labor it can mentally throw you off and hinder your birth plan.

    While there are several causes for true complications, most of the time the terms thrown around are just that: words.  The problem is that these words tend to then dictate the rest of the labor and possibly cause a real complication – known as the ‘domino effect.’ Continue reading

  • 50 Pregnancy Ailments: What’s Normal and How to Help.


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    Every pregnancy is different. While you do gain infinite wisdom after birthing a baby, the next pregnancy may just bowl you over with not one similarity to the other. Whether you are an anxious, high-stressed mom-to-be who wants to know every possible ailment that may be heading her way; or you are a mellow, mom of four who thought she had experienced it all, this list may become a useful tool.
    Continue reading

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