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Pregnancy Diet

  • What to Eat When Pregnant

    Pregnancy does not mean “EAT.IT.ALL.”  You have 40ish weeks to grow the perfect baby, if anything, pregnancy should be a wakeup call and lifestyle change if you are consuming sub-par foods.  I know you won’t eat perfectly, duh, our society is full of Cold Stone Creameries on every other corner. But, there is a huge difference between enjoying a treat every now and then, and consuming processed, chemical-filled “foods.”  The sad thing is that our minds have been trained and warped to believe so much that is so wrong.  We think we are making good decisions, but in reality, we are being lied to and consuming (for lack of a better word) crap.   “Low Fat” “Low Sugar” all of these labels mean that chemicals have been added to the products.  What’s a pregnant mama to do?  Simple: EAT.REAL.FOODS.  Stay away from GMO’s and anything processed (boxed items), and buy local and organic whenever possible. Continue reading

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