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Pregnancy Cravings

  • Pink or Blue, Do Cravings Give a Clue?

    Calm yourselves, preggos of the world.  This article is based on myths, wives’ tales, and one small, random study that links food aversions to gender prediction. So please (I repeat, PLEASE) do no go buy anything that labels your tiny fetus by a specific gender after reading this.   Continue reading

  • What Pregnancy Cravings Mean

    Pregnancy cravings (and aversions) are real.  What else is real is the fact that our society has deemed pregnancy a culturally accepted and sanctioned period of time in which women are even encouraged to give in to their cravings!

    I won't BS you, at 33 weeks pregnant, I have (and will) give in to multiple cravings.  I have learned though, through lots of research, to look deeper than the craving itself.  Learning what my body is lacking and meeting that need helps me feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and be all around happier.

    Just as cravings are a telling sign that the body is lacking something during all other stages of life, they are also revealing during pregnancy.  Yes, many women crave strange food combinations, leading to giggles and odd snacks, but the body is not intentionally sending funny messages.  The body is asking to be fed the right nutrients.

    You know you need to be taking a high quality prenatal vitamin, possibly other supplements to meet your body’s needs as well; but what you don’t realize that the body still may be begging you for something else.  In the moment, a double decker hamburger slathered in bbq sauce and a fried egg with a side of cheese fries and a chocolate milkshake may be what you are hearing, but there is an underlying message.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place to give in to a craving.  Just understand that the body desires something more than those fudge brownies you baked last night. Continue reading

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