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  • 5 Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

    I'm not exactly sure where this year is disappearing to, but it's flying by quickly. Pumpkin spice is out in full force and the holidays are rounding the corner. It's an exciting time full of happiness and cheer. It's also about time that our social media pages start filling up with pregnancy announcements! Most who conceived over the past few months are ready to shout their news from the roof tops... Are you one of them? Continue reading

  • One Couples Infertility Announcements are Taking the Internet by Storm

    Social media is full of pregnancy announcements - and the more creative the better. It is such an exciting thing to share with the world, but few of us realize that by sharing the big news, there are others out there struggling to see that announcement. Infertility is more common that we realize, and many couples struggle with trying to conceive for years without luck.

    While it is heartbreaking, many couples work together to find peace and can still be happy for growing families around them. One such couple is taking the internet by storm right now. Continue reading

  • Top 11 Pregnancy Announcements for Valentine's Day

    Love is in the air, and so are pregnancy announcements! Are you trying to think up the most creative way to share your big news this Valentine's Day?  Look no farther, I have the 11 best ideas for you to choose from. Continue reading

  • St. Patricks Day Pregnancy Announcements

    Anyone lucky enough to be announcing a pregnancy in the upcoming days may want to consider a few fun St.Patrick's Day ideas!

    While I haven't had the chance to announce a pregnancy on this festive day, I have conceived a baby on it! HA! A few (a lot) of drinks, down in "Green-Town" Savannah, GA three years ago, St. Patrick's Day blessed us with Baby Lyle!  I'd say we were pretty darn lucky!

    Instead of just a general "We're expecting a baby!" announcement, look through this list and steal something a bit more fun!

    I'll start with my personal favorite:   The Empty Wine Glass

    I'd pair the picture with a short phrase like "An empty glass, but a full uterus! Happy St. Patrick's Day from our newest addition!"   (hahaha -- i'm so clever)

    Continue reading

  • Announcing Your Pregnancy

    I need to preface this blog with the caveat that every woman is different. There is ABSOLUTELY no wrong way or time to announce your pregnancy. Shout it from the roof tops, or keep it to yourself until baby arrives. Whatever you decide, just make sure that you are happy and feel supported and loved. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. A journey that you can take with whomever you choose.

    There is something about finding out that you are pregnant that makes you the worst secret keeper. From the moment that test is positive, something comes over you and you have to hold your hand over your mouth to keep from screaming through the bathroom door. Let’s be real, quite a few women go this route. I woke my husband up (NOT quietly) at 4:00am to confirm the reading of the faintest second line known to mankind with our first baby (which he politely labeled the “maybe test” before falling back asleep). Once the initial “MUST TELL SOMEONE” urge fades, you can take a moment and start thinking of actual fabulous ways to spread the word.

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