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postpartum healing

  • Postpartum Must-Haves for Mom

    You are counting down the days until your pregnancy aches and pains are behind you.  Okay, truly you are counting until you get to hold your new little squish.  Although, with baby #4, I’m not sure which I’m counting down faster!  I’m into the home stretch now, 33 weeks along.  If I have learned anything through three births, it is this:

    Do Not Forget to Prep for YOUR Postpartum Period

    With my first pregnancy, I gave very little thought to what I would need after birth.  Each baby has taught me more about how short this timeframe is in the grand picture, and how fast it all goes.  Taking the time to properly heal and bond is not only important, but it is truly needed.

    It doesn’t matter where or how you birth, hospital or home, natural or medicated, you need to reserve the time to take care of yourself postpartum. (While snuggling a newborn of course!)

    I’ll tell you that after an unmedicated homebirth, it’s really not that hard to overlook yourself.  I felt good enough to get up and make dinner the same day I gave birth.  But, I’ve realized that is not what I should do – and neither should you. Continue reading

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