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  • Supporting a Transgender or Gender Neutral Child

     Our society is finally accepting differences.  Maybe accepting is the wrong word to use.  “Addressing?”  That may fit better. Our society is finally addressing differences, or lack thereof, among genders.  It has been the headline for over a year now, ‘Trans-Gender’ and ‘Gender Neutral Children’ those identifying more with the opposite gender than they were born, or unsure of which gender they truly identify with.  Our culture has not been the most welcoming to the topic, but with all great things, our country tends to fail before it succeeds. Continue reading

  • 10 Ways to Increase the Bond with Your Baby

    An amazing article was printed about the science behind the attachments between mothers and their babies.  The study performed and written about discovered that, by the age of one, babies and mothers have already developed the bond that will have effects on the lifetime of their relationship.  Not only that, but this attachment (or lack thereof) plays a role in every relationship the child will have throughout his or lifetime. 

    Continue reading

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