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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Winter Driving and Car Seat Safety

    Car seat accidents are the leading cause of death of children ages 12 and younger.

    As many as 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly.

    After reading reviews, ordering the safest car seat for your car and child, ensuring your child will be rear facing for as long as possible, and then reading the manual cover to cover (twice) and having the installation checked by a car seat technician, you may feel pretty confident that you’ve got this car seat safety thing nailed.  And I must say, you are steps ahead of most parents. However, winter adds a whole new element to keeping your child safe in the car.

    No matter where you live, if there is ever a moment you decide it is cold enough to put your infant, toddler, or child into a coat or jacket, then please read on. Continue reading

  • Easy Prenatal Exercise Ideas For Any Hot Mama

    You have 40 weeks (give or take) to grow this perfect little being, and one way to do so is to keep working out.  Prenatal Exercise is critical to have a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy.  Not to mention, all of the benefits for both mom and baby! If you haven’t read our article on the myths and facts of prenatal exercise yet, go read that one first.

    Now it’s time to get moving and stay motivated.

    The options for exercising while pregnant are pretty darn limitless.  People will tell you not to do certain things, but unless you are high risk, you can do anything your body feels comfortable doing.  If you have already started a routine, keep going with it.  If you were doing little more than walking around an office and arm curling doughnuts, it’s time to change things up. Continue reading

  • The Emotions Behind an Ultrasound

    The Emotions Behind an Ultrasound

    The day has come to say hello, to see the one who’s still so small.

    A heartbeat will bring many tears, but still will come all the fears.

    Will she grow strong and tall? Will we lose him… and my heart will fall?

    Are there two or three? Will my birth choice be mine to make free?

    My arms ache to hold you. My heart aches to know you.

    Above all else though, I know you are mine.

    I will love you in every way, no matter what the doctor will say.

    Today is the day that I will see your face, tiny and real, you will move to a place

    A place in my heart I had never found…

    Until today’s ultrasound.


    Continue reading

  • Move That Bump: Myths and Facts to Prenatal Exercise

    One of the many hats I wear is one of “Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Specialist.”  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I truly am Superwoman – birthing babies, educating them, teaching others how to naturally birth babies, cook 3 meals a day, write a million articles a month, and maintain my hot body while doing it all. Haha. But seriously, my degree is in exercise physiology and I do have a specialization in pre- and postnatal exercise.  We love being physically in shape in our home; we eat healthy and exercise regularly.  Those who know me in real life have probably attended my “Mommy’s Bootcamp” classes in one of the many states we have lived in over the years.  I love working with pregnant and postpartum women.  There is something so rewarding when helping a woman feel strong and beautiful through a good workout!  My classes were true bootcamp style (with lots of chatting of course), but the catch was that we wore our babies.  Whether a mama was rocking her baby bump or baby was strapped on in a structured buckle carrier (LOVE me an ErgoBaby), we were sweating it out and feeling good. Continue reading

  • HELP. I’M DROWNING IN LIFE. –The Overwhelmed Mother


    A foreign word at this point.

    “Mama. Mama. Mama. MAMA!” A toddler is screaming 3 inches from my face, while I was trying to rock an infant down for a nap. A nap that will never happen now.

    Dinner should have been started about an hour ago, but the toddler has spilled an entire box of cereal throughout the kitchen and decided to “help” clean it up with a soapy, wet dish towel.  You know, making it impossible to sweep it all easily.

    Bills need paid, the laundry pile is taking over an entire room, you are out of wine, your hair is in the same bun you created 2 days ago, the fridge is looking bare, and the baby could possibly be cutting a tooth.  Oh crap, now there’s glitter being mixed into the cereal mess. Sh*t, you could really use a glass of wine. Continue reading

  • Moms Rejoice Over This Post Baby Pill

    When my first baby was born, I laughed at the idea of ingesting my placenta.  Heck, I didn’t even want to look at the organ after it was delivered!  I had this amazing unmedicated birth center birth, and I didn’t even look at my placenta. What was I thinking?

    Over the next year, we started falling further down the rabbit hole of all things natural.  Our lifestyle began to change as well as our views and practices.  By the time I was pregnant with baby #2, we were ready for a homebirth, I was teaching childbirth education classes, and I fully understood the power of the placenta.  Not only was I excited to see it, but I wanted it encapsulated.

    I took my placenta pills for a few weeks and then decided to stash them in the freezer.  I was making plenty of milk, had no signs of depression or baby blues, and was feeling great.  My husband asked me a few months later if I truly wanted to keep those suckers in the freezer long term. I simply laughed at him and swallowed two pills the morning after St. Patrick’s Day (in Savannah, mind you.) and went on my merry way while he suffered an awful hangover. Placenta Pills for the WIN!   He has never questioned  the frozen pills since. Continue reading

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