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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Winter Wear: Maternity Fashion Ideas

    Until now, I’ve never had a baby bump in Winter. I’ve been blessed to wear bathing suits, maxi skirts, and tanks for all three of my pregnancies.  But here it is: 37 degrees outside, and I am 24 weeks pregnant. HMMMM…  My plan of wearing the regular sweaters is slowly fading away as they creep higher and higher over the belly.  It’s time to figure this “Baby Due In March” wardrobe out. Continue reading

  • My Favorite Toys for Young Children

    I have a 6 year old daughter, a 4 year old son, another son who is 2, and a little boy on the way. We homeschool and I am a write-from-home mom. I have enough toys to populate the planet.  We have recently gone through and donated more than 3/4 of said items in hopes to tone down the madness.  The process wasn’t easy, but I came up with a great method.
    I laid out several toys at a time and allowed each child to pick three that stayed; the rest were gone.  It was interesting to watch their thought process.  They would discuss with one another about what items would be played with in what ways.  They would beg to keep other pieces, and I won’t lie, I caved on a few – but only if they presented a strong argument.  In the end, everyone was happy. Continue reading

  • Shop Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday for Moms.


    I’d love to say that Black Friday should be spent at home with your family, but let’s be real here.  You are full of food and ready to get out of the house for a few hours, why not shop? Continue reading

  • 20 Gift Ideas for the Soon-to-Be or New Mom

    Everyone always brings gifts for the baby.  Of course they do, the teeny tiny socks, sweet head bands, books that bring back memories – these gifts are loved by the buyer and the receiver.  However, the holidays are here and it’s time to think about the mother that birthed (or is about to birth) that gorgeous, giggling baby. Continue reading

  • Shop Small Business Saturday: Shop with Us.

    Small Business Saturday:

    Beginning in 2010, Small Business Saturday encouraged shoppers across the country to shop local and support small businesses. By 2014, it is estimated that people are catching on.  They are voting with their dollars.  $14.3 billion was spent last year on this wonderful day – at small, independently owned businesses! Continue reading

  • Don’t Let a Holiday Determine Baby’s Birthday: Say No to Induction.


    This week begins a busy time in the Labor and Delivery Unit at most hospitals across our country.  Women who are due within a week of a holiday are typically given the option to induce labor as to avoid giving birth on the holiday itself.  In the past year, full-term pregnancies have been relabeled to 39 weeks instead of 37 weeks due to the highest (and at that point, still rising) c-section rates of all time.  Women were being electively induced as early as they could be (37 weeks), with some doctors leading the induction discussions. Continue reading

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