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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • How To Conceive a Girl

    I am blessed with the kindest-hearted little girl I have ever met.  She is now six years old and amazes us more each day.  We didn’t know her gender in utero, and when my husband “caught” her and started crying, I knew.  He said, “We have a daughter!” as he laid her on my chest.

    My world changed.  Scarlett is my little mama. She is a light in a dark room, and a breath of fresh air.  I completely understand why you want to try to conceive a girl.  Hell, we wanted another little girl!  But, as you know (if you’ve been following along), we are now pregnant with boy #3!  That’s the thing with plans:  they typically don’t happen as expected.

    I urge you to read on, but keep in mind that you will love a little boy so much that your heart may just explode.  So please don’t let all of your hopes and dreams ride on conceiving a specific gender.

    If you do conceive a baby girl, enjoy every frill and headband, as she will dress herself before you can even blink. Continue reading

  • A Whale of a Tale: Meet Kane

    Kane is a Blue Whale, a mammal belonging to the baleen whale family.  He comes from a very long line of mighty Blue Whales.   Weighing in at 190 tons, Kane is use to others fearing him.  But Kane is nothing to fear, for he has a loving and giving heart.  He can sense when there are troubles in the sea and is always looking to help.  He provides rides to those smaller than him, a wonderful hiding place to anyone scared, and uses his strength to move, lift, and help any animal in need.

    One day, the seas turned rough.  The waters became darker and sands began to churn.  The animals of the ocean knew to stay home, for a great storm was on the surface.  But Kane could not sleep.  Even through all of the underwater storm sounds, he heard something: something new.  He knew he was being called to help.

    Kane set out against the waves and rough seas, following the sound that was calling to him.  He followed it to the surface, where he saw a sailboat struggling in the storm.  The night sky was painted dark blue, with clouds covering the moon.  The nearest land could not be seen.  This boat was in trouble.  Kane heard the sound grow louder as he swam closer to the small boat.  He had never ventured this close to humans before, but the sound called to him.  Suddenly, he could see aboard the boat: Humans, two of them.  The sound grew louder, the sound of a heart beating, but it was not from the man or the woman.  The noise that had beckoned Kane was a baby’s heartbeat. These humans were growing a baby! And this tiny, unborn creature was in danger tonight.  There was a family aboard this vessel and they needed Kane’s help to find their home. Continue reading

  • Pregnancy After Loss: A Rainbow Pregnancy

    Our Rainbow Baby is due in 2 months. Looking back over the past year has been emotional, to say the least. Experiencing a loss can tear at your heart, make you question so many things, and terrify you throughout a rainbow pregnancy.

    It’s easier said than done: To relax and enjoy your rainbow pregnancy. I completely understand.  This struggle becomes harder if you have experienced more than one loss. What makes it even harder? The fact that no one seems to talk about it.

    It’s time to talk.  It’s time to talk loss and rainbows.  Talking will free our emotions and allow us to enjoy our rainbow babies who grow healthy and strong within us. Continue reading

  • Tricks to Conceiving a Boy

    As a mom to (almost) three boys right now, you’d think I could write this article without researching anything.

    My advice on conceiving a boy:   Drink WAY too much on a holiday.  BAM. Boy sperm win.

    Case in point (for us): Thanksgiving 2010, St. Patrick’s Day 2012 (in Savannah), and 4th of July 2015.

    That’s as much as I’ve got for you.

    That, and of course this: boys are awesome.

    Who am I kidding? You know I’ve done the research for you!  Let’s get you knocked up – with a baby boy!  Because, like in my life, one more tiny penis is just more fun in the circus. Continue reading

  • Don't Automatically Fear a Fever

    YUCK. It’s the time of winter crud being passed around like crayons at the school table.  Even the little ones are susceptible.  Viruses are everywhere right now, and the warm to cold temperatures outside are not helping.

    Seeing your little one feeling crappy is heartbreaking.  But instead of stressing over what a thermometer says, take the opportunity to practice skin to skin and snuggle with your baby, toddler, or child.  Because the truth is, that unless a temperature reaches 108* (yes one hundred EIGHT degrees) there is no harm in a fever.  I’d freak the F out if my kids ever came close to that temperature…  In all honesty, I am a worrier at anything over 102*, BUT I don’t run to the doctor or freak out.  I just start my natural minded interventions at this point.  I do however base my interventions on how my child is acting.  Before I share my steps to soothing (not snubbing out) a fever, I wanted to educate you on why you should not fear a fever. Continue reading

  • 40+ Winter Activities for Kids

    Winter is here...

    Pinterest is full of ideas on the subject of indoor activities, but the reality is that most of us moms are either too lazy or too OCD to pull them off.  At least behind my front door, this is the case.  As a homeschooling mom, I am pretty much exhausted by 3pm every day.  This is the point I kick my kids outside to play until dinner.  Even my two year old is gently nudged out the back door.  We have been luck this far, as the weather is still pretty mild.  From the comfort of my kitchen table, I can watch bows and arrows be shot from our two-story club house, be served dirt pie, and keep an eye out for any boo-boos or knees that need kissed.  I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a yard that allows this, but if you do, UTILIZE IT!  Learn to let go a little bit and give your little ones some independent freedom to explore a bit.

    Continue reading

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