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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Lying-In After Birth

    Being Type A, and having a few other little ones running around, I have never stayed in bed for a prolonged period after birth.  In all actuality, I have done the opposite.  After our first baby, we grabbed lunch and a beer at a restaurant before she was a day old.  (I’m not kidding.)  Our second baby came with a BBQ at our house the next day, in which I helped cook and prepare.  Our third baby came before Thanksgiving, in which we hosted the family at our house.  I had never thought twice about any of these experiences.  That is, until now. Continue reading

  • Naturally Increasing Sex Drive: Pregnancy and Afterward

    Pregnancy does a number to our hormones (and bodies) leaving some of us feeling less than our best.  While it is completely fine to be “turned off” during pregnancy, some of us may be wishing that it wasn’t so.  If you are reading this and thinking, “I miss sex. I miss the sexual connection and the orgasms and all of it, but UGGGGH I just have no desire to go through with it” then keep reading.

    For a lot of women, the libido falls during pregnancy and just doesn’t seem to recover afterward.

    I’m dividing this article into two sections:  Pregnancy and the Early Postpartum Stage (4-6 months after baby).

    Note:  There could be a bigger issue at hand with a low libido.  See our article on “What Happened to My Sex Drive?” for more information. Continue reading

  • The Golden Hour After Birth

    We have had some very wonderful and beautiful birth experiences thus far.  One birth center and two homebirths, and another homebirth planned for March.  You can say that we love the birth experience.  There are very few items on my “Wish List” for this birth that we have not already experienced, I mean my husband has “caught” a baby, and I’ve delivered another.  Our daughter has cut an umbilical cord, our son has helped his mommy through labor (at the age of two).  The whole family is in on the action! Ha.

    I get that your family is different. That every family is different, and that every birth is different.  What I want will vary from the next woman, no matter our views on birth.  The one thing that I feel every woman should feel strongly in is her right to be informed about birth, labor, and the postpartum period.  There are so many factors that go in to this, but the largest one is KNOWLEDGE.  Being educated on pregnancy, birth, and beyond will increase the chances that birth goes your way, or the best way possible for your situation.

    That being said, there is always more to learn.  Even as a birth educator, I am constantly amazed by new findings. Continue reading

  • 40 Things To Do for 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

    The excitement (or anxiety) that occurs when that test is positive can only be understood by those who have experienced pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, etc.  No matter your parenthood journey, there is a limited time before a baby arrives.  You only have 40 weeks (give or take) to grow (help grow, or watch him grow) a perfect little bundle of joy! Continue reading

  • A Realistic Date Night at Home – Life After Babies.

    While life starts to settle into a pattern of diaper changing, rocking, and shushing a baby to sleep, it seems to also fall into a pattern of sweatpants, baby conversations, and separate night time rituals for parents.  Most couples turn to technology and tune each other out at this point of the day.

    The problem?   You are separately making connections and working on relationships through devices that are not the relationship you should be focused on: YOURS.

    We are just as guilty as you are.  Our home is full of iphones, ipads, smart tv’s, apple tv’s, laptops, etc. These “things” do not help a marriage stay connected. But they are part of life, and you can’t just ignore that fact.

    Instead of listing 100 cheesy, absurd date night ideas that you may pin to pinterest but never actually implement, I decided to be REAL.  I’m going to describe our ideas of dating at home. Continue reading

  • Staying in Love After Babies: The Evolving Relationship

    Families come in every shape and size now.  We are a blessed society to witness love in so many combinations.  Our children are growing up knowing they can choose who they want, without shame, to love for all their lives.

    This is wonderful, but it is so easy to lose that beautiful love throughout the journey.  The foundation can be cracked and broken, and the home can fall apart.  It happens every day. The good news though? Divorce is on the decline.  Couples are lasting longer than previous years, and they are actually working on their relationships. We are also seeing a rise in relationships that are not contracted by marriage, but are lasting decades; and other non-traditional families that are proving to be stronger than anyone expected years ago.

    I love that you can search the internet, openly discuss, seek counseling, and read so much about relationships and strengthening them.  I won’t lie, I do most of these things regularly.  Most of the time, it includes wine and friendship while venting and then talking about how to realistically help. Continue reading

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