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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Old Navy: Love Wins Over Hate

    Perhaps you have seen the social media backlash against Old Navy and their interracial family picture.  If you haven't, here's  the scoop:

    April 29, 2016 - Old Navy published a coupon code for its customers along side of a beautiful photo of a family wearing some of the brand's clothing.

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  • Everything to Know About Ovulation

    So we pop an egg out of an ovary every month, that’s about it, right? The jest of ovulation?  Yes, we do, but there is a whole lot of science behind what our bodies are doing.  Whether you have a cycle every 28 days on the dot, or you are less regular and start at random times, it all revolves around ovulation.  That little egg is the entire reason we have a monthly cycle!  Here’s the breakdown of the uterus: Continue reading

  • The Epidural: What You Need To Know

    Let me start by saying that I am not against medical interventions when they are needed.  What I am against is when these interventions are spoon fed to us without even an explanation of what they are or what they can potentially do.

    Not only am I blogger, but I am a medical research writer.  I dig into studies and research, and then I put it into words that the general population can understand!  I’ve spent the last few weeks reading anything and everything about epidurals.  They are handed out like candy but never fully discussed in our society.  If over ¾ of vaginal deliveries are happening with an epidural, then it must be safe, right?


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  • Mother and Baby are Linked through Bacteria

    I’m pretty sure 10th grade Health class didn’t cover the microbes of the gut and the effect they have on the body.  Maybe it did, and I was at the beach that day?  If so, I really wish I had paid attention.  It’s amazing how interesting it can all be when you are invested in the knowledge.

    With the amount of chronic illnesses our children’s generation is experiencing, it’s time to start figuring things out.  I believe with every fiber of my being that it all links back to the gut. Continue reading

  • The Domino Effect of Medical Intervention

    Our society has predetermined pregnancy to be a game of dominos, all the pieces already lined up.  It is more often than not that the game is set into motion at some point, typically labor, and if the pieces cannot be stopped, the game ends in a traumatic birth experience.

    While your birth may not be traumatic, or end in a c-section, it has been found that one medical intervention tends to lead to another.  No matter how you feel about your experience, know that this is not ok.  Labor should not be intervened with – it is meant to be handled just as the woman’s body handles it.

    There is a huge need for medicine – and doctors – when it comes to birthing.  But the need lies with pregnancies that are not healthy or normal.  But for those with a healthy, low risk pregnancy, there is absolutely no need for medical intervention.  Statistically speaking, a low risk pregnancy has a higher chance of ending differently than expected if even one intervention is allowed.

    There has been an unfortunate shift in attitudes about pregnancy and birth, taking it from a natural life phase and turning it into a medical condition that needs to be "treated." Continue reading

  • Vaginal Seeding for C-Section Babies

    Science has found a way for C-section mothers to pass the good bacteria (typically found in a vaginal birth) to their baby. Continue reading

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