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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Celebrate Your Mom Tribe

    It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and while we are all elbow deep in mimosas and fancy brunches -or laundry and dirty diapers, I think we need to take a minute to celebrate our mom friendships.  You see, I truly believe that ‘The Village’ is alive and well!

    The modern village may not be the same as THE village that everyone is always talking about, but like most things in life – it has evolved.

    Today’s village consists of tens of thousands of tribes, each one strong and supportive.  While tribes may see things differently, as a whole, the village is a force to be reckoned with.

    So this Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to be thankful for our tribe, whether it be large or small – brand new or two decades old. The people who lift us up, support us through it all, withhold judgement, vent frustrations and celebrate successes.  Those we can depend on; those we view as extended family. Continue reading

  • Loving Your Postpartum Body

    Becoming a mother is a selfless act.

    You are somewhat prepared for the lifestyle changes that come with parenthood.  Thanks to babywearing, grandparents, friends, and babysitters, you can still have a social life – maybe even a break once in a while.

    What are you not prepared for?

    Your ‘New’ Body. Continue reading

  • Proposed Bill Allows VA to Provide In-Vitro Fertilization

    The families of our military men and women are typically the force that drives them.  They are also an integral part of transitioning a soldier back into the community after he or she returns from a tour of duty.

    Not only are our soldiers faced with the possibility of death, injury and psychological problems while fighting for our freedom, but certain injuries may leave them unable to conceive children naturally.

    As we all know, in-vitro fertilization is the act of surgically implanting fertilized eggs into the lining of the uterus. It is a very expensive procedure. One in which most insurances do not cover. Continue reading

  • Johnson and Johnson

    For some reason, Johnson and Johnson still exists.  Not only does it exist, but new mothers everywhere flock to purchase their products.

    Did you know that in the last three months, Johnson and Johnson has been ordered to pay out over $120 million dollars in two legal cases linking their products to cancer? Read more Here.

    Both of these cases were in relation to the talcum-based Johnson’s baby powder and ‘Shower to Shower’ products.

    Continue reading
  • The Best Mothers Day Gift for Anyone Expecting

    The pregnancy glow, the swollen belly, the countdown to counting tiny toes...  Pregnancy is an amazing time.  Even if the glow isn't exactly present, and the ankles are swollen as much as the belly is, there is still something amazing happening:  A baby is growing.

    It is more than just a growing baby; a baby is actually being created, developing within the womb.  Through all pregnancy ailments, there is no way to not look at this time as anything but miraculous. Continue reading

  • Old Navy: Love Wins Over Hate

    Perhaps you have seen the social media backlash against Old Navy and their interracial family picture.  If you haven't, here's  the scoop:

    April 29, 2016 - Old Navy published a coupon code for its customers along side of a beautiful photo of a family wearing some of the brand's clothing.

    Continue reading

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