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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • My Unplanned, Unassisted HomeBirth

    Here I sit, holding my 48 hour-new baby boy Ollie Jack.  I have been typing, deleting, and restarting this for hours now.

    The truth is, this birth experience was almost so indescribable, I could not find the words. I am still digesting, processing, and sorting it all in my head.  I’m actually hoping that by sharing it with you, I can wrap my mind around the entire event.

    As you know, we were planning a beautiful, peaceful homebirth for baby #4.  I have a few blogs lined up about the blessing way that was filled with women who love and support me, how we set up the birth environment to include music, inspirational birth décor, and even the smells I’d possibly want.  I have blogs about birth photography, labor relaxation practice, preparing the siblings to take part in a birth, cultural birth traditions including belly blessings, henna, and candle making.  I even have a blog about my midwife being my lifelong best friend, and how that changed my pregnancy and labor outlooks. Continue reading

  • Breastfeeding and Booze: Cheers!

    (Look, I'm having a dance party while breastfeeding my then 15 month old on Thanksgiving - and YES - enjoying my wine!  I'm basically high fiving you in this photo.)

    I have breastfed for 67 months and will be adding another few years to that once this baby makes his entrance to the world.  If you think for one second that I have completed this momentous milestone without wine, then you do not know me at all.

    Wine. OOOOOOH WINE.  And a Summertime Margarita!! A beer at a sporting event…   CHEERS to all of the above!

    Another hypothetical question: How you think I keep getting pregnant?

    Duh. WINE.   (Oh – and my husband is incredibly good looking.) Continue reading

  • Uterus Transplant: A New Hope for Family

    The science community has done it again.  They have created hope.  This hope is for women who have suffered the heartache of thinking they would never carry children due to uterine problems.

    The First Uterine Transplant has not only taken place, but has been accepted by the recipient's body (so far).

    Lindsey, the recipient, received the first ever uterus transplant and is praying to become pregnant once allowed by her medical team. She has three beautiful (adopted) boys at home already who would love another sibling! Continue reading

  • St. Patricks Day Gender Reveal Ideas

    You have waited 20 weeks to know what gender you are growing.  The time has come to not only find out, but to share your news with the world!

    Are you wanting a party with family and friends?  Or maybe you just want a fun way to share the news on social media?  Either way, read on!

    Continue reading

  • St. Patricks Day Pregnancy Announcements

    Anyone lucky enough to be announcing a pregnancy in the upcoming days may want to consider a few fun St.Patrick's Day ideas!

    While I haven't had the chance to announce a pregnancy on this festive day, I have conceived a baby on it! HA! A few (a lot) of drinks, down in "Green-Town" Savannah, GA three years ago, St. Patrick's Day blessed us with Baby Lyle!  I'd say we were pretty darn lucky!

    Instead of just a general "We're expecting a baby!" announcement, look through this list and steal something a bit more fun!

    I'll start with my personal favorite:   The Empty Wine Glass

    I'd pair the picture with a short phrase like "An empty glass, but a full uterus! Happy St. Patrick's Day from our newest addition!"   (hahaha -- i'm so clever)

    Continue reading

  • Craft Ideas For St. Patricks Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that we all celebrate just to have fun.  It doesn’t matter if you are truly Irish; the day is spent wearing green, enjoying green, giving kisses, and generally acting ridiculous!  It seems to be one of those days where adults are all 21 again, and where kids believe in pots of gold.

    While we do have plenty of Irish in us, we just enjoy having fun with the kids throughout the day, and then handing them over to a babysitter for the evening!  I know we are not alone on this!  My husband and I love to grab a beer and see live music together with friends.

    As you are learning about our family, our oldest (Scarlett, 6 years old) enjoys going “All Out” decoration-wise for anything and everything.  So of course that means I have to whip out the craft ideas!  Continue reading

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