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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • The Golden Hour After Birth

    We have had some very wonderful and beautiful birth experiences thus far.  One birth center and two homebirths, and another homebirth planned for March.  You can say that we love the birth experience.  There are very few items on my “Wish List” for this birth that we have not already experienced, I mean my husband has “caught” a baby, and I’ve delivered another.  Our daughter has cut an umbilical cord, our son has helped his mommy through labor (at the age of two).  The whole family is in on the action! Ha.

    I get that your family is different. That every family is different, and that every birth is different.  What I want will vary from the next woman, no matter our views on birth.  The one thing that I feel every woman should feel strongly in is her right to be informed about birth, labor, and the postpartum period.  There are so many factors that go in to this, but the largest one is KNOWLEDGE.  Being educated on pregnancy, birth, and beyond will increase the chances that birth goes your way, or the best way possible for your situation.

    That being said, there is always more to learn.  Even as a birth educator, I am constantly amazed by new findings. Continue reading

  • 40 Things To Do for 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

    The excitement (or anxiety) that occurs when that test is positive can only be understood by those who have experienced pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, etc.  No matter your parenthood journey, there is a limited time before a baby arrives.  You only have 40 weeks (give or take) to grow (help grow, or watch him grow) a perfect little bundle of joy!

    We have complied a list of the 40 To-Do’s you should check off throughout your 40 weeks of pregnancy:

    1. Take a birthing class: No matter what your view of birth is, take a natural birthing class.  You may learn something inspiring, or you may learn how to handle labor if your birth plan does not pan out.
    2. Educate yourself on pregnancy, labor, and caring for a newborn: Spend more time reading then decorating.  (Little tidbit: average pregnancy is 41 weeks 1 day, NOT 40 weeks.)
    3. Eat whole, healthy foods:  The placenta is a sponge, not a filter.  Provide healthy fats, lots of protein, and plenty of unprocessed foods for your growing little one.
    Continue reading
  • 10 Best Sex Tips, Positions, and Play Rules for Pregnancy

    Erotic Dreams.  New Positions.  Better Orgasms. OH- the FUN of pregnancy SEX.

    I have been pregnant a total of 148 weeks so far (not kidding – that’s 3 kids, with another baking).  That’s 2.85 YEARS of being pregnant - SO FAR.

    You better believe I know how to have good sex while baking babies.  My husband has said numerous times just how much he loves pregnant sex.  It brings out the animal in me. (Well, after the morning sickness stage ends).  Just in case my experiences aren’t enough, I’ve scoured the entire internet for all the juicy details of so many pregnant couples’ love lives – just for you.

    Let’s jump right into bed, shall we? Continue reading

  • A Realistic Date Night at Home – Life After Babies.

    While life starts to settle into a pattern of diaper changing, rocking, and shushing a baby to sleep, it seems to also fall into a pattern of sweatpants, baby conversations, and separate night time rituals for parents.  Most couples turn to technology and tune each other out at this point of the day.

    The problem?   You are separately making connections and working on relationships through devices that are not the relationship you should be focused on: YOURS.

    We are just as guilty as you are.  Our home is full of iphones, ipads, smart tv’s, apple tv’s, laptops, etc. These “things” do not help a marriage stay connected. But they are part of life, and you can’t just ignore that fact.

    Instead of listing 100 cheesy, absurd date night ideas that you may pin to pinterest but never actually implement, I decided to be REAL.  I’m going to describe our ideas of dating at home. Continue reading

  • Fall in Love with My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

    Here at My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, we take Valentine’s Day very seriously. You see, we truly love our animals, the people we are surrounded by, and everyone who supports us!  Once you have held and listened to one of our animals with a heartbeat pounding away, you too will fall in love!

    I wanted to take a moment and write about our animals and who we are.

    You see, I may be “just the blogger,” but the truth is that I love my job.  I was welcomed into a family when I began writing for My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.  I knew that the product was a great idea, but in reality, I didn’t think much past that.  That is until, I had a miscarriage.  There is this little secret that isn’t shared in our society:  holding life within can be as fleeting as a candle flame.  The beautiful flame can be blown out, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake.  You never think that it will happen to you, and to experience that lingering smoke can cause the heart so much pain.  I realized that I had nothing, nothing, to remember this baby by. Continue reading

  • A Couple and a Baby on Valentine's Day

    As life grows and relationships progress, the meaning of certain days may be altered slightly.

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect example.

    Once a baby is introduced into a relationship, the original love that has been celebrated in the past is at a new level.  A level that is not understood until it is experienced.  It’s no wonder that couples who have just experienced parenthood tend to highlight their first Valentine’s day as a family.  A husband (or partner) is looking at the new mother as superwoman, and the woman sees her partner as the person who helped create this new life.  What an amazing new stage of a relationship to celebrate!

    So how should you celebrate?  I listed wonderful ideas to begin Valentine’s Day Traditions last week, but those tend to start once the child(ren) are a little older.  I want to focus on the infant period.  The stage of parenthood when the new love is still in its babymoon period, sleep is sporadic, life is still adjusting, and attention to the relationship at its core is needed. Continue reading

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