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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • The Changes in Your Uterus During Pregnancy

    While we know that the uterus itself is hands down amazing, I want to share with you the science behind this organ and what happens to it throughout pregnancy.

    The History of Your Uterus

    As a fetus, the uterus is contained in the abdominal cavity.  At puberty, the uterus has descended into the pelvis with the folds being distinct and extending into the upper cavity of the organ. As an adult, the position of the uterus dependent upon the condition of the bladder and rectum.  When the bladder is empty, the entire uterus is tilted forward with the body lying on the bladder. When the bladder fills, the uterus becomes more erect leaving the fundus back toward the sacrum.

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  • Group B Strep and Pregnancy: Make an Informed Decision

    This article is based on medical research, real studies, and information that you can read like I have. I wanted to present it all in an easier to read way.  Informed decisions are yours to make.  You have the RIGHT to have all the information, and the RIGHT to choose what is best for you.  I am not a doctor; I am a medical research writer… and a mom.  And a mom on a research mission does more research than anyone else I know.

    I have denied GBS testing for my last three babies after doing my research.  I tested negative with my first baby.  While most birth teams “require” you to be tested, it is ultimately your decision.  I have high hopes that this research will trigger enough of you to start asking questions. Talk to your birth team; share current information. Continue reading

  • Wine Pairings for Toddler Leftovers.

    I like to think that I’m pretty classy. It may be in my head though.

    Four babies later, I rock my ‘Mom Bun’ and yoga pants pretty much around the clock.  That being said, my pre-pre-pre-pre-baby ‘ass-hugging jeans’ are still in my closet and do make an appearance every so often.  You know, when we can afford a babysitter to watch this many children; we aren’t so tired that we do actually make it out the door, and there’s somewhere more inviting than our couch and Netflix.  It may be rare, but we do go out.  We are still madly in love and enjoy one another’s company.  Typically, our date nights revolve around wine.  We live near lots of wineries and enjoy sampling the goods.

    Ok, now that I have established that I CAN actually get all fancied up and have a life, the reality is that most nights, I scrape the leftovers from all of my children’s plates onto my own.  (OOOOOOH Don’t you judge me.  I am NOT alone on this, right?)   We don’t like to throw food away in our house.  If the kids don’t eat it all, my husband and I will. Continue reading

  • Meet Vincent: The Turtle With Heart

    In the race of life, it pays off to stay at your pace, remain strong, and never give up.  There is something so special about someone who stays true to himself in the craziness around him.

    We would like you to meet Vincent, a determined little turtle.  Vincent has a very special story to tell.

    It was a warm day, late in Spring – so close to Summer that Vincent could almost taste the afternoon rain showers in the air.

    Vincent knew his friends would be at the local water spot enjoying the beautiful day.  He packed a lunch and slowly made his way through his patch of the forest toward the water hole. Now Vincent is not the fastest animal, and this could be quite frustrating to some animals, but those who knew and loved Vincent understood that his patience brought a sense of calmness to their hearts. 

    Vincent enjoyed spending his days with friends, and today was no exception.  They swam and ate; they played and chatted. Before parting ways, a noise was heard in the distance.  It was the unmistakable sound of tears being shed. The animals all rushed toward the crying, while Vincent moved as quickly as he could.  In the hurry of running, the other animals did not have time to notice the other sound that faintly beckoned to Vincent.  Continue reading

  • Pot for PMS? NJ Law May Say Yes.

    This Tuesday, Democratic Assembly members Tim Eustace, L. Grace Spencer and Angelica Jimenez introduced a bill that would loosen the state's strict medical marijuana law to allow women to get pot-based products to ease menstrual cramps.

    Taylor West, the deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, a nonprofit trade group, said she's not aware of any other state that specifically list cramps as an ailment authorized for medical marijuana use. But she said that it has likely been prescribed for menstrual cramps in states where doctors have more leeway in prescribing medical marijuana.

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  • GoFundMe for Maternity Leave: The Latest Trend.

    As we have discussed lately, The United States is one of only 3 countries in the entire world that does not offer guaranteed paid maternity leave for new mothers.  No one can deny just how outrageous this is - an embarrassment really.

    Over 88% of women are effected by this lack of paid leave.  While FMLA (Federal Medical Leave Act) guarantees your job be held for up to 12 weeks after a baby is born, there is not a guarantee that you will be paid.

    While quite a few of the top US tech companies are beginning to make headway in the parental leave department, offering 20-52 weeks of paid leave for either parent after birth, most companies offer little to no compensation.

    Families have recently taken this issue into their own hands.  Websites such as GoFundMe have become the platform for families (new mothers specifically) to reach out for funding so that they can afford to take time off from work after having a baby.

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