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  • Shop Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday for Moms.


    I’d love to say that Black Friday should be spent at home with your family, but let’s be real here.  You are full of food and ready to get out of the house for a few hours, why not shop? Continue reading

  • 20 Gift Ideas for the Soon-to-Be or New Mom

    Everyone always brings gifts for the baby.  Of course they do, the teeny tiny socks, sweet head bands, books that bring back memories – these gifts are loved by the buyer and the receiver.  However, the holidays are here and it’s time to think about the mother that birthed (or is about to birth) that gorgeous, giggling baby. Continue reading

  • Shop Small Business Saturday: Shop with Us.

    Small Business Saturday:

    Beginning in 2010, Small Business Saturday encouraged shoppers across the country to shop local and support small businesses. By 2014, it is estimated that people are catching on.  They are voting with their dollars.  $14.3 billion was spent last year on this wonderful day – at small, independently owned businesses! Continue reading

  • Don’t Let a Holiday Determine Baby’s Birthday: Say No to Induction.


    This week begins a busy time in the Labor and Delivery Unit at most hospitals across our country.  Women who are due within a week of a holiday are typically given the option to induce labor as to avoid giving birth on the holiday itself.  In the past year, full-term pregnancies have been relabeled to 39 weeks instead of 37 weeks due to the highest (and at that point, still rising) c-section rates of all time.  Women were being electively induced as early as they could be (37 weeks), with some doctors leading the induction discussions. Continue reading

  • Traveling By Car With a Baby: You Can Do It And Stay Sane.


    There is no way around it, traveling is different once you have children.  There is no easy, jump-in-the-car-and-go anymore.  You need to plan and prepare to have a successful road trip.  Continue reading

  • 10 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Little One’s Immune System

    As a mom, you not only have to keep yourself healthy, but you are responsible for your little one’s health as well.  While germs and illness are not completely avoidable, you can take preventative action by boosting the immune system to handle any incoming threats.

    If your little one is still an infant, and not eating solid foods yet, make sure that you breastfeed as often as possible and that you boost your immune system.  Keeping yourself healthy and strong will pass on all the right nutrients for baby to stay healthy and strong.  Your infant can take powdered probiotics and vitamin D3 drops to strengthen his immune system, but talk to your pediatrician about dosage and frequency.

    Nursing moms can boost baby’s immune system via breastmilk by taking Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, and Probiotics regularly.  This of course will be paired with a whole foods diet full of leafy greens, garlic, ginger, fruits, vegetables, and all as organic as you can manage and plenty of exercise! (Choose your supplements wisely – they are not created equal!) Continue reading

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