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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Easter Crafts and Activities


    I do not know how Easter snuck up so fast this year.  Maybe it's the craziness of life that made me think we still had another month?  I'll go ahead and blame the 'Mommy Brain' and call it a day.

    My 3 young ones (6,4,2 years old) love doing crafts...   and making messes.  I should have taken a picture of the patio covered in paint yesterday.  I almost lost it - instead, I snapped this picture of Lyle, my two year old, running around buck-naked, covered in paint, with a box on his head.  THIS is my life. This is why I don't have time to look at a calendar.

    Needless to say, I've got to jump on the Easter Train quick or it's going to pass us by.  We cut out the baskets and gifts this year, and decided to just do a big blow up pool and water item for each child.  The best part of Easter is the egg hunt and decorations anyway. Continue reading

  • Dye-Free Easter Egg Decorating with Kids

    You know that food coloring is horrible to ingest.  But did you know that the same effects can happen just by allowing it to touch the skin?  The skin is the largest organ and acts as a sponge to anything that can be absorbed.  Did you know that the dye seeps through the shell of the eggs and will be eaten along with the hard boiled eggs?  Yep.  That's right - you may think you are just decorating the eggs, but reality is that you are allowing the dyes into your children (or yourself).

    I'm including information on why you should skip the food coloring at the end of this article.  That way you can sound completely educated on this topic if a friend starts telling you that you are ridiculous for not dying your eggs in the "normal" way. (I'll probably turn that into an entire blog soon) Continue reading

  • Heartache and Hope: Giving Life through Tragedy

    Another sad story has been crossing our newsfeed.  When a child dies, it strikes a cord in all of us.  It is a hard realization to make when you hear of such tragedy.

    A grieving family in Missouri, is mourning the loss of their four month old son, Gannon.  He was born six weeks too early, and weighed in at just three pounds.  He spent time in the NICU before going home, but seemed to be healthy and typical from that point on.

    Ms. Koehler, Gannon's mother, sensed something was wrong when Gannon didn't wake crying in his room one morning.  At 9:30am, she walked in to find Gannon unresponsive.  She prayed for a miracle as he was transferred to the Children's Hospital.

    Gannon had a significant loss of oxygen which caused him to lose all brain function.

    At this point, a decision needed to be made.  Both Gannon's mother and father decided to use this tragedy to help - by donating their child's organs. Continue reading

  • The First 48 Hours Postpartum For Mom

    As you’ve read, I had the baby.  (If you didn’t read yet, click HERE) While it was a rollercoaster of a ride – unassisted, on the bedroom floor – the last 48 hours seem to be a blur.  Just as my birth plan flew out the window, my golden hour was not as I had imagined it.  I had pictured this peaceful time bonding with my husband, children, and new baby boy, but in reality, I was trying to digest that we had just delivered our own child before a birth team could arrive.  Mix that in with it being the middle of the night, waking siblings up, and the high that comes with unmedicated child birth, and the golden hour was quite the experience.  The first twelve hours after Ollie arrived were spent “ooing and ahing” over him and trying to get all the kids back to sleep – and getting a few hours of sleep ourselves.  The midwife spent the night and made us breakfast the following morning.  (There are several unknown perks to homebirthing!) Continue reading

  • Trying to Conceive? Sperm: Quality Matters

    Men play half the role in creating a pregnancy.  While most men assume that their sperm is healthy and ready to fertilize an egg, the lifestyle that they are leading may be reason to believe otherwise.  Having high quality sperm is vital, and boosting the quality of the sperm can be done in many natural ways.

    Before I write about how to increase the quality of sperm, let’s discuss everything that could be causing the sperm to suffer. Continue reading

  • Late Period but Negative Pregnancy Test: 15 Reasons Why

    Wondering where your period is?  Why it is late?  Either you know you cannot be pregnant because you have not had sex, or the pregnancy tests you are taking all come up negative.  So what is the issue?

    If you are trying to conceive and your cycle is late, but pregnancy is not the reason, it can be heartbreaking.  This happened to me several times when trying for our first baby.  My hopes soared so high, but test after test failed me and a week later than expected, my cycle showed up.

    So really what is the problem?  The answer may not be as clear as you want it to be.  There are quite a few reasons this could be happening. Continue reading

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