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  • Staying in Love After Babies: The Evolving Relationship

    Families come in every shape and size now.  We are a blessed society to witness love in so many combinations.  Our children are growing up knowing they can choose who they want, without shame, to love for all their lives.

    This is wonderful, but it is so easy to lose that beautiful love throughout the journey.  The foundation can be cracked and broken, and the home can fall apart.  It happens every day. The good news though? Divorce is on the decline.  Couples are lasting longer than previous years, and they are actually working on their relationships. We are also seeing a rise in relationships that are not contracted by marriage, but are lasting decades; and other non-traditional families that are proving to be stronger than anyone expected years ago.

    I love that you can search the internet, openly discuss, seek counseling, and read so much about relationships and strengthening them.  I won’t lie, I do most of these things regularly.  Most of the time, it includes wine and friendship while venting and then talking about how to realistically help. Continue reading

  • 11 Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start This Year

    Valentine’s Day has become a Hallmark Holiday, created for you to spend money to show how you feel about someone.  You even feel obligated to go above and beyond a typical date or family day, just to prove you love someone.  That’s absurd, and absolutely not needed. But there is another meaning.... Continue reading

  • Valentine Craft Ideas that Double as Fine Motor Skills

    My four-year-old has sensory processing disorder and a significant speech delay.  He is brilliant (and pretty much the cutest, sweetest kid around), but he struggles with fine motor skills as well as his other challenges.  I’ve started searching for project ideas that will double as occupational therapy tasks for him.  Does he know it? No.  He just thinks that he is making something fun! But I love knowing that we are working on a specific skill together.

    Almost all craft ideas can fall into one of these categories, but the key is to acknowledge what you are doing.  If you just rush through the project, or help your child with all of the fine motor skills (like cutting for him or stringing the beads) you defeat the therapy side of the craft. I beg you, even if your child is not delayed, to let your child guide you through the activity.  They will feel self-pride in their finished product instead of feeling as though they needed your help to complete it.  It doesn’t matter what the end result looks like – celebrate it! Continue reading

  • Postpartum Must-Haves for Mom

    You are counting down the days until your pregnancy aches and pains are behind you.  Okay, truly you are counting until you get to hold your new little squish.  Although, with baby #4, I’m not sure which I’m counting down faster!  I’m into the home stretch now, 33 weeks along.  If I have learned anything through three births, it is this:

    Do Not Forget to Prep for YOUR Postpartum Period

    With my first pregnancy, I gave very little thought to what I would need after birth.  Each baby has taught me more about how short this timeframe is in the grand picture, and how fast it all goes.  Taking the time to properly heal and bond is not only important, but it is truly needed.

    It doesn’t matter where or how you birth, hospital or home, natural or medicated, you need to reserve the time to take care of yourself postpartum. (While snuggling a newborn of course!)

    I’ll tell you that after an unmedicated homebirth, it’s really not that hard to overlook yourself.  I felt good enough to get up and make dinner the same day I gave birth.  But, I’ve realized that is not what I should do – and neither should you. Continue reading

  • 14 Homemade Valentine Card Ideas (for kids)

    I feel as though we live in a “Fast Food” society.  One in which, the faster we can be done with something, the faster we can move on to the next task.  Very few people take joy in the little things anymore.  I can’t stand on a pedestal here, as I am just as guilty as the next person, BUT I am working on changing this trait. I want to instill a sense of calmness and appreciation in my children (and myself) that is rooted to their being, not just something they sometimes think about.  I want my children to always know that a handmade gift is better than store bought, that a letter sent snail mail is more fun than an e-mail or text message, and that a made by hand valentine is full of more love than anything bought in a store.

    Granted, time seems to fall out beneath me most days, and each year I find myself allowing the kids to pick a box of cards off the shelf.  But not this year.  I am changing this horrible rushed habit.  I feel as though it teaches everyone that handing cards out is just another chore, something that has to happen.  When in all truth, Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate the love of friendships, relationships, and families.  Big gifts are not needed, but a cut-out heart? Why yes, I do believe that will hit a homerun.

    I’m going to share with you the fun craft-inspired valentine my kids are making this year, and then I’ll follow with 13 other ideas you can help your kids with!  Continue reading

  • Why We Love Coconut Oil (For Mom and Baby)

    Even if you aren’t “Crunchy,” coconut oil is for you.  There is no denying its amazing abilities!  If it isn’t already in your pantry, it should be.  (With an extra tub in the medicine cabinet and by the bed!) Continue reading

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