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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • The Beauty of Real Fatherhood

    Real fatherhood is so much more than just creating a baby.  Today’s fathers are emotionally investing themselves into their relationships, taking part in every possible moment.

    I could have easily written about all the things to look forward to as a soon-to-be dad.  I could have made lists or charts about becoming a dad. I could have made my husband write this one.

    But I want to bring you real life.  You know what is beautiful?  Real Dads.  That’s it.  It’s simple really.  Dads who are truly connected to their children are breathtaking.  Dads who take parenting serious are what make moms want to keep having babies.

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  • Go Ahead and Play Rough Dad

    My kids start panting like dogs as the clock ticks closer to the minute my husband gets home.  It’s almost as if the air changes and I’m just waiting for a wolf cub to start howling as the Jeep pulls up the long driveway.

    Once the front door opens, it is as if the hounds have been released.  I cannot stop them if I wanted to -and let’s be real, I already poured a glass of wine. This is just sheer pleasure for me.

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  • Treating and Soothing a Toddler with a Sunburn

    Sunburns are a horrible experience for anyone, but a toddler?  Cue the uncontrollable wailing, tossing and turning, painful itching, and questions like “WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY Mama?!”

    Yes, I know it is my fault as the parent that the sunburn happened.  We got carried away and didn’t reapply the sunscreen.  It was an ultra crappy mistake. Please tell me that it happens to every parent at some point in time?

    I thought I did great this weekend with the sunscreen, but apparently those expiration dates may be real.  I’m pretty sure our sunscreen expired 2 summers ago.  We used every drop of last year’s bottles and this year’s was just amazon prime’d to us today.  We threw caution to the wind and thought the old tubes would do for a weekend at the pool. Continue reading

  • What to Wear for Summer Maternity Pictures

    Documenting pregnancy with professional pictures is something most women budget into their “Need” category of pregnancy. (I know I do.)  It’s just such a miraculous part of life, and it deserves to be remembered with beautiful photographs.

    It starts with the idea that you want a few gorgeous pictures – I mean you are probably paying a small (well-worth-it) fortune for them, but then it leads to tearing apart your limited maternity wardrobe in search of something to make the pictures what you are envisioning.  Typically, it ends with pictures that could have been breathtaking just looking so-so because of the clothing choices made.

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  • Hidden Danger: Children Burned By Garden Hose

    Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. 

    You would NEVER let your child play with boiling water.

    What about water that has hit 120 degrees?  Scary to even think about right?

    Did you know that your garden hose poses a danger of burning you, your child, and your pet?  That’s right.  During the heat of the summer, the garden hose acts as an insulating boiler to any water it is holding.  Researchers have found this water to reach over 120 degrees Celsius when a hose is left in the sun for just two hours.

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  • The First Trimester for Mom

    As a woman learns she is pregnant, her body may have no outward signs.  This does not mean that nothing is changing.  There is so much happening within her that may not be visible to the naked eye. Continue reading

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