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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Faking a Pregnancy is NOT a Joke

    While our general audience is a slew of ages, most are already parents.  I have faith that you know not to prank anyone today about a pregnancy.  Although, I have seen many (TOO MANY) repeat parents post April Fool's pregnancy announcements, or 'Oops it looks like it's twins instead of one!" type posts.

    You do not have to have had a miscarriage to understand. You do not have to have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive to understand.  A good person just gets it. A baby is a life, and even though you are not in the market for a real baby right now, so many couples are.  This is about respecting them, and about respecting life.

    This is not a harmless joke. Let the thought flutter right back out of your mind without acting on it, please. Let's show our maturity today and think before we act. Continue reading

  • 2016 Top 12 Birth Trends

    It's 2016, actually a few months in to 2016 now -- and we are seeing a whole lot of happiness in the birthing world!  What's changed, you ask? Well, the trends are finally taking a swing in a positive direction and we are thrilled to share them all with you!

    2016 Top 12 Trends in Childbirth

    While most of these trends are not new (heck - most date back further than we know!), they are being practiced more often!

    Continue reading
  • Flat Head Syndrome in Infants

    We are seeing more and more babies in helmets these days.  You may notice, stare for a slight moment and then not give it another thought.  But what you don’t know, is that this is occurring in 16% of babies (and 56% of twins) today.  This statistic is staggering, and has grown five-fold in the last 15 years.  What is going on, and why are our children’s heads suffering?

    Flat Head Syndrome is known as plagiocephaly in the medical community, and it is a cranial malformation.  Like I said, it is becoming more and more common with little to no attention for parents to understand why. Continue reading

  • Changing Breast Pumps Forever

    This image shows a far superior breast pump to one we all know and hate.  The pump in the background is what we know.  It is loud, semi-painful, unflattering, time-consuming, and "utterly" ridiculous. (Like the pun there? Yes, I referred to the pump as if it was milking a cow.  I'm that good.)

    The future may be here mamas!  I feel a bit ridiculous that after birthing four babies, I didn't think to update the breast pump.  That being said, I wish the amazingly brilliant couple behind the company Babyation who created this ingenious idea all the best - and all the glory that comes with changing the breastfeeding world! Continue reading

  • Heartache and Happiness: A Surprised Widow

    A dad and Navy corpsman, Brian Hill passed away leaving a devastated family behind.  He was involved in a traffic accident and sadly passed away.  While this news is life-shattering to those who loved and depended on Brian, there is another reason his story is making headlines.

    Brian's wife, Courtney, explained that she and her husband were trying to conceive another child the months prior to the accident in Oklahoma.

    The morning of Brian's wake, Courtney took a pregnancy test.  She was able to hold his hand and tell him the wonderful news before she kissed him goodbye forever.

    With the stress of her husband's death, motherhood, and life in general, there is no surprise to learn that within a few weeks of Brian's passing, Courtney experienced trouble with the pregnancy.  She feared the worst, but experienced something unimaginable as she was examined at the hospital.  Courtney's pregnancy was healthy, but more than that, she learned she was not carrying one, not two, but three tiny heartbeats within her womb! Continue reading

  • Blessing Ways: Not Just for Hippies

    Baby Showers are on their way out, and Blessing Ways (Also known as a Mother’s Blessing) are the latest trend.  In all actuality, they are not a trend, but a tradition that dates back to the beginning of pregnancy celebrations! It’s about time they become a more traditional and accepted means of celebration in our society! Continue reading

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