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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Holy Boobs Batman! Engorgement Relief for Breastfeeding Moms

    You think you are prepared for motherhood, and the breastfeeding journey that will be both beautiful and easy for you. You have talked to friends and read books, maybe you have even sat in on a La Leche meeting already!

    Then you give birth, and your world is rocked. This tiny human being that was just inside of you is now so fragile and amazing. Everything changes... your mindset, your heart, and you. It's as if the entire world shifts. Those first 48 hours are just miraculous. The 'Mother's High' that carries you through the days sleepless but happy is still going strong. Your body begins to heal and everything just feels dreamy. And then you wake up feeling as though someone attached cement blocks to your chest where your breasts had once been. Continue reading

  • Jaundice In New Born & How to Control It

    Why can't babies come with instruction manuals? Why can't they give an hour crash course before sending you home? Even if they did, would it really change how much a parent worries?

    Home is such a welcoming and warm place to be after giving birth. You want your own bed, your baby's items that you picked out... You want your own food and family. So when you get to go home, the last thing you are thinking about is your baby changing colors. Yes, you read that right -- changing colors. Continue reading

  • The 5 Emotional Stages of Labor Readiness

    You have about 40 weeks to mentally wrap your head around giving birth. You'll read and watch birth stories unfold, take birthing classes, and write out your plan to share with your birth team. You'll be as ready as you possibly can be, but what happens when those contraction waves start flowing? What happens when reality hits and you realize that you are actually going to birth a baby? Continue reading

  • The Sweetest Infant Halloween Costumes for 2017

    Halloween is so much fun, especially when the kids are young enough to not care what you dress them in! Let's face it, we have about 2 years worth of costume choices before our kids have a say... Continue reading

  • 5 Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

    I'm not exactly sure where this year is disappearing to, but it's flying by quickly. Pumpkin spice is out in full force and the holidays are rounding the corner. It's an exciting time full of happiness and cheer. It's also about time that our social media pages start filling up with pregnancy announcements! Most who conceived over the past few months are ready to shout their news from the roof tops... Are you one of them? Continue reading

  • The Best Nicknames for Grandparents

    Naming a grandparent is a unique experience for each family. Some grandparents already have nicknames in mind, while others are satisfied with 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa.'  Then of course a baby turns into a toddler and actually develops the capability of speaking, and all plans go out the window! Toddlers tend to mispronounce grandparent names and create a name all of their own. Continue reading

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