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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • First Trimester for the Dad

    Welcome to the longest 3 months of your life.  Scratch that. The second longest 3 months.  The actual longest will be the third trimester…  waiting, and waiting for the baby to come. The moment you become a dad.

    So that night of mind blowing sex ended up being more than just sex.  That’s right, your sperm made it to the egg!

    Now what?

    This is not Caveman Time, so don’t think that you are now relieved of your duties once conception occurs.

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  • Why We Co-Sleep and Bed-Share

    Go ahead and start yelling at me now.  I’ve heard it all, as this is not my first rodeo.  Baby #4 is due in two months, and he too will join our bed.  Good thing I’m confident in my parenting decisions, trust my gut instincts, and have done all my research, or all of you who are about to flip out *might* have had an effect on me!

    I will start this article with the fact that there is a correct way to bed-share. There are do’s and don’ts and so many things to learn.  However, after making the decision to keep baby in bed with you, don’t waiver – trust your decision and don’t let others make you feel bad for it.

    Our newborns always sleep with us.  They do until they are old enough to not want to.  Our first baby slept with us until she was 2.5 years old and her baby brother was about 8 months old.  Together, they slept on a mattress on the floor and crawled into our bed if needed.  Our third baby is now 4 years old and still in bed with us, after he starts the night in his own room). The oldest two are still sharing a bed at ages 6 and 8.  Baby number four is 20 months old and thinks our bed is his, and baby number five sleeps on my boob all night. Continue reading

  • 13 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

    It’s the holiday season, and the countdown to Santa’s arrival has begun.  We have already started to eat double our advent calendar chocolate (yes, I buy that many calendars), and wish lists have been made.  But this year, we have a tiny one amongst us.  My youngest is just 4  months old, and this is her first Christmas! Continue reading

  • Failing to Progress in Labor?

    More than 1/3rd of unplanned c-sections that occur in the United States are due to women “Failing to Progress” during their labor.   This statistic is upsetting.  If mothers were properly educated on labor, birth, and their rights during the entire process, the statistic would be drastically lower.

    A failure to progress generally means a failure to wait, a failure to allow the woman’s body to work, and a failure to let a woman own her body.  But again, most birthing women are not educated enough to understand that failing to progress is not failing, it is a plateau.  A plateau during labor occurs to naturally align baby and ensure that both mother and baby are prepared to welcome baby earthside.  The length of this plateau can lasts minutes, hours, or even days if it occurs in early labor.  And while that does not sound desirable, it is the way the body is built to handle labor, and it is the absolute safest and best way to let baby enter the world.

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  • 10 Signs Your Child Needs a Diet Change

    “Don’t Eat Anything Your Great Grandmother Wouldn’t Recognize as Food.” 

    Our kids are overfed and undernourished.

    It’s time to stop blaming the child for the chronic issues that he cannot help.  It’s time to dig deeper than a simple diagnosis to something chronically plaguing your child.  It’s time to find the patterns, connect the dots, and look at the bigger picture.  It’s time to stop making excuses, and follow your instincts.

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  • Holiday Tradition Ideas for Your Family

    HO! HO! HO! The cheer is contagious. Everyone is happy and kind this time of year.  Don't let the season fly by without making lasting memories with those you love the most.  It's never too early or too late to start family traditions. Continue reading

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