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  • The Best Big Sibling Gift Ideas

    Six years ago, I was ready to give birth to my second child. I was excited and anxious, and terrified over loving two babies equally. My first born, my sweet little girl was almost two years old, and I had no idea how she would handle this new addition. Continue reading

  • 6 Things New Moms Need This Summer

    The countdown to baby has dwindled to just a few weeks – if that. There may not be much left on the ‘To-Do’ list; the birth bag is ready, rocking chair is ready, and baby shower is over. It’s time to just sit back and float around the pool… Continue reading

  • 3 Things You Need to do when Swimming

    Summer is here – and half-way gone already. Where do those summer days drift to anyway? They seem to linger with the fireflies, never-ending humidity, and late-night margaritas poolside. But in the same breath, we blink and it’s time to start planning our school year and fall sporting events.

    I’m one who pushes summer out as far as possible. Yes, it is hot. Yes, it is humid. Yes, my kids have permanent swimsuit tan lines. We absolutely love this season.  We basically live in the pool. I’m talking twice a day swim practices with races one day a week, and plenty of fun time in there as well. We cheer on our oldest as she bobs her head up and down so fast we could miss her if we blinked. She’s the cutest little 7-year-old on the swim team! Continue reading

  • 7 No-Heat, Easy, Family-Friendly Summer Meal Ideas

    I am not talking about Pinterest’s fancy, expensive meal plans here. This article comes at you from the heart of one hot, exhausted mother to another. I’m not a fan of blowing the budget at the grocery store week after week, and yet, somehow it happens. Having kids decide that they are starving -like, could die of hunger- every 42 minutes of the summer days is enough to drive a mother mad. I’m pretty sure that my days are consisting of meal prep, meal serving, meal cleaning, and kitchen cleaning – about 5-8 times a day. Continue reading

  • 34 Songs for a Summer Birth PlayList

    You may think that music is music, and that it doesn’t matter what season your baby is due, but you are wrong! Although, it is your birth – so, I guess I won’t judge whatever music selection you make. But if you are like me, then you may feel connected to the season you are birthing in, and with that comes the music that accompanies that season. Continue reading

  • 3 Ways to Make Peace With Your Last Pregnancy

    Sometimes you know that this is your last baby. That means that this is your last pregnancy. Some women become excited or even giddy over the thought of never being pregnant again, but others… we will never reach this point. Some of us love being pregnant. Continue reading

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