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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • The Best Non-Classic Books For Your Child’s Bookshelf

    My five kids range in age from 3 months old to 8 years. You can imagine that our bookshelves have a bit of variety to them.  We also homeschool.  So go ahead and re-imagine those bookshelves.  That’s the problem actually, overflowing bookshelves.  I recently decided to tackle the book situation in our home.  My husband and I believe that children should be surrounded by books, and see us reading as often as possible.  So far, we have succeeded in both aspects; however, it was time for a clean out.  I elected to sort through what we owned and categorize it all:  Donations, Homeschool Read-Alouds for all kids, Homeschool by age, Independent Learning to Read, Classics, Daytime Books, Nighttime Books, Baby and Toddler Books. Continue reading

  • First Christmas as a Divorced Parent

    Bah Humbug.

    Life is not ‘Norman Rockwell-esque’ with the perfect marriage, perfectly dressed son and daughter, a well-behaved dog, and a golden-skinned turkey, roasted to perfection sitting on the decorated holiday table.  But this was never real life.  Continue reading

  • Holiday Birth Pictures

    The holiday season is already beautiful, but add in birth and babies, and you reach a whole new level. Continue reading

  • Gift Ideas for a New Mom

    Everyone always brings gifts for the baby, even on Christmas.  The teeny tiny socks, sweet head bands, books that bring back memories – these gifts are loved by the buyer and the receiver; however, the holidays are here and it’s time to think about the mother that birthed (or is about to birth) that gorgeous, giggling baby. Continue reading

  • Sex After A Baby: 5 Things to Know About Sex After Birth

    Sex is a touchy subject for some couples after having a baby.  In my opinion, it’s not talked about enough.  Everyone assumes you wait 6 weeks or longer and then sex is magically the same as life before children.  Excuse me while I laugh. Continue reading
  • Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the Holidays

    The holiday season is about to become a little more special for all of those who you plan to announce your pregnancy to! While a simple phone call or in person conversation will get the job done, it's nowhere near as much fun as celebrating your news in a creative way that will have everyone hitting the 'love' button. Continue reading

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