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  • Snacks for Breastfeeding Moms

    You may have thought you knew what hungry was when you were pregnant. Joke was on you, right?  Welcome to the breastfeeding bottomless pit of HANGER. You feel as though you need to eat ALL.THE.THINGS. or you may wither away.

    A mother’s body is simply amazing.  I really wish our society would get over the whole body image shaming and start valuing the greatness instead. Continue reading

  • When Boobs Leak

    Holy BOOBS, Batman!  The girls may have been one of the first signs that you were pregnant, as swollen, tender breasts tend to appear early in pregnancy.  Did you know though that they may also leak while you are still growing your baby? Continue reading

  • Supporting a friend through miscarriage

    When I experienced the loss of a pregnancy at 10 weeks along, I wasn’t sure if I even deserved to talk about it.  I felt as though others who did not understand would think, “10 weeks? That’s not even the second trimester.”  And then the cramping and labor began.  The emotions of the entire experience are indescribable for anyone who has not lived through a miscarriage.  Yes, my 10 week old fetus was real.  The tissue that I passed confirmed that I could not just forget about the pregnancy.  My heart was broken.  Actually, I have never felt heartache such as this before.  It’s as if you are hit with the brick wall of realizing you will never meet, hold, or know this little life that you created. Continue reading

  • How To Stay Positive During Pregnancy

    Whether you have experienced loss before or are just nervous and anxious about your pregnancy, affirmations can be a great tool to use to help guide your mind into a positive place. Continue reading

  • Orgasms and Pregnancy

    Gone are the days when sex was a taboo topic of discussion.  The orgasm has been blogged about and (hopefully) experienced by women everywhere, but a pregnant woman?  So many adults refuse to discuss the sex life of a pregnant woman. Continue reading

  • The 12 Worst Ingredients In Your Toddler’s Foods

    Everyone has heard of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ – You know, the list of 12 foods that you should be avoiding unless they are organic.  But did you know that there are specific ingredients we need to be looking out for?  Common sense tells us that the ingredient labels should be easy to read (containing actual foods), but our wallets and cravings steer us directly toward the opposite.  We like to say ‘Everything in Moderation’ but the reality is that we are just addicted to it all.  What’s worse? Our children are following in our footsteps. Continue reading

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