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  • Pregnancy Hack #2: Prep Your Uterus with this Fruit

    Dates are definitely not the most consumed of all fruits on the market, but what they lack in popularity, they make up for in benefits towards pregnancy and birth! I've heard rumors about how eating dates throughout the end of a pregnancy can speed labor up and make it all an easier process, but I needed a bit more than rumors before I started chomping them down 3 at a time! Continue reading

  • Pregnancy Hack #1: Belly Wrapping

    Why has it taken me until now to learn about this? Belly wrapping is not new, but yet somehow most of our culture has not heard of it. Continue reading

  • Newborn Splurges that are Worth the Money

    There is no better time than now to be spoiled, spoil yourself, and spoil your tiny little blessing about to enter the world! The price tags on products today can send the head spinning. The baby lists are long and legitimately ridiculous most of the time. Go ahead and ask any non-first-time mom what she ‘needed’ for her first baby versus what she ‘wanted’ for any baby after! You’ll learn real fast how useless most baby items are! But the items that you’ll fall in love with? Those are worth dropping extra money to ensure the highest quality and longest lifespan! Continue reading

  • Preparing for and Surviving 2 kids under 2

    I have been planning this article and avoiding it all at the same time. I am welcoming baby 5 at any moment, but the age difference between this one and my last terrifies me! All of my kids have been 2-year stair steps… and then this surprise pregnancy caught us way off guard. My two littlest will be 17 months apart. SEVENTEEN MONTHS. That is still a baby! That is still ‘rock-you-to-sleep’ and ‘wear-you-in-a-carrier’ kind of baby level. Continue reading

  • The Books All New (and old) Parents Need To Read

    The book store has shelves lined with baby books, and Amazon has an unlimited supply to choose from. It becomes overwhelming, and turning to friends seems like the best idea.  But how do you know if your parenting ideals are the same? How do you know if they read the best books out there? You don't, and you don't need to stress over it. Yes, there are a million books out there, but your parenting won't be defined by every one that you pick up! Well, I take that back. The books you read will open your eyes (and heart) to help you realize what type of parent you will strive to be! Continue reading

  • Best Relief for Back Pain in Labor

    Pregnancy, labor and birth have a funny way of throwing you for a loop just when you think you've figured it all out. This is especially true when it comes to labor!  Everything you read talks about the wave of contractions, the progression, the transition, and the birth. And yes, that is a pretty typical labor. Continue reading

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