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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • Delayed Cord Clamping – Risk and Benefits

    You just delivered a beautiful, vernix covered little bundle of joy.  Your heart is on cloud 9 and the endorphins are delightful.  The last thing you are thinking about is watching the umbilical cord.  Hopefully, your birth team will already be in practice of letting the cord pulse to completion, but taking the time to watch it happen will help you understand just why it’s so important. Continue reading

  • Group B Strep Pregnancy Test During Pregnancy - Stay Informed

    This article is based on medical research, real studies, and information that you can read like I have. I wanted to present it all in an easier to read way.  Informed decisions are yours to make.  You have the RIGHT to have all the information, and the RIGHT to choose what is best for you.  I am not a doctor; I am a medical research writer, which means I read all.the.things.

    I have denied GBS testing for my last four babies after doing my research.   While most birth teams “require” you to be tested, it is ultimately your decision.  I have high hopes that this research will trigger enough of you to start asking questions. Talk to your birth team; share current information. Continue reading

  • Rainbow Themed Baby Gifts and Must Haves

    Every baby deserves the world, but when there’s a rainbow baby making its appearance, you know it’s extra special. A rainbow baby is the term used for a baby conceived after a loss. Trust me when I say, a mother who has lost a pregnancy will never see a rainbow the same way again. Every rainbow is a miracle and a sign that there can be peace after a storm, even though they will always miss the child they never held.

    Needless to say, a rainbow baby deserves ALL.THE.RAINBOWS. Continue reading

  • Gestational Diabetes – Alternative Tests, Causes & Diagnosis

    Did you know that there are  options to drinking the glucose test drink?  Well, there are! And talking to your doctor about it is easy.  You don't have to decline it or feel like you are 'opting out' of anything - instead, you are allowing your body to get a more accurate reading during the test! Continue reading

  • Breastfeeding Positions | Breastfeeding Tips for Moms

    Early breastfeeding success is dependent upon so many things lining up correctly.  There are unplanned factors that weigh in and cause havoc to unravel in almost every mother’s early nursing journey. Continue reading

  • Different Stages of Labor – Complete Guide to Birth

    Did you know that most couples spend more time working on their baby registry than they do preparing for labor? They spend more time dreaming and setting up a nursery than educating themselves on birthing.

    Do not fall into this category! Do not just walk into the two hour hospital class that covers a medicated birth, bathing/swaddling, and breastfeeding basics all in one breath. You only have one shot at this pregnancy, this birth, and this baby’s infancy. You will make plenty of mistakes (DUH – no one is perfect), but you want to have no regrets.
    Continue reading

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