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  • International Bath Day: Cute Tots in the Tub!

    Who knew there was an International Bath Day? Not I! But I guess I needed a reason to throw my four into the tub! Those dirty feet need a scrub... Continue reading

  • The Maturing Relationship and Celebrating Father’s Day

    Typically, children come early within a marriage, when the couple is still fresh and parenthood is a fun challenge not yet understood. There is still immaturity and selfishness, a type of learning-curve that must be achieved, and a sense of confidence that will be rocked in ways new parents can’t plan for. It’s safe to say that those early years of parenthood are full of growth like no other, and while each partner progresses on their journey, the relationship also matures. Continue reading

  • Dear Mamas, It is Okay to Slow Down.

    Dear Mamas,

    The sun is rising, and what a magnificent sight it is.

    The sun will set today as well, and the cycle will continue tomorrow.

    It is within these hours of daylight, and so often into the darkness, that we mothers struggle. We willing take part in the competition of motherhood, often without the knowledge of joining the invisible team. There is a uniform of yoga pants and mom buns for the ‘B-Team’ and ballet flats, jeans, and make-up for the All-Stars. And the yearning to make it to the All-Star squad tends to run deep. Continue reading

  • 10 Steps to Spoil a Dad for Father’s Day.

    Moms of the world, it’s time for us to completely spoil the fathers of our spectacular offspring.  The one day – let’s be real, whole weekend - is approaching, in which we are expected to pull out all of the stops. Continue reading

  • What You Need To Know About Sunscreen Before You Buy

    The Environmental Working Group releases the best and worst sunscreens at the start of summer each year. It is covered in every blog, everywhere… But there is something else that needs discussed this summer.  If you take the time to read the EWG.org page, you will discover that researchers have figured out that sunscreen is not preventing against the significant rise in skin cancer.   It is reported that sunscreen is only a step in helping the skin stay healthy, and depending solely on it is a big mistake. Continue reading

  • Holiday Weekends and the Overstimulated Toddler

    Holy hell; what just blew through? The toddler tantrums from I don’t know where…

    Oh, Hello Tuesday-After-The-Long-Holiday-Weekend. You greet us with all of your reality and glory, expecting us to jump back into the swing of life as if we didn’t just indulge in the excuses of holidays to forgo real life for three days. Not only did we indulge in it all, but we stupidly allowed the children to follow suite. What’s a few scoops of rainbow colored ice-cream? Sure, you can have that sixth cookie. Bedtime? That doesn’t exist on holiday weekends. Continue reading

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