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  • Easy-To-Make Summer Snacks for the Pregnant Mom

    The heat is rising and so are grocery prices! I am basically scraping my jaw off the floor as I quietly insert my debit card and cry when I look at the balance later. This process is repeated week after week, and as my baby bump grows, so do my cravings. We finally had to sit down and really talk budget because this pregnancy was being spent standing in grocery store lines. Continue reading

  • Summer Heat and Pregnancy

    The temperatures across the country have yet to make up their mind about this year’s transition to summer, and while some areas are still clinging to cooler weather, some of us are already sweating through our underwear. If the three-digit temperatures here are any indication on what the weather gods have planned for the next four months, we all may melt. Continue reading

  • A Mother’s Intuition: Her Sixth Sense

    A mother’s intuition is born as she becomes a mother. That may be a different moment for different women – conception may bring this intuition out, birth, adoption, holding your baby, or a specific moment after this may as well. There is not one magical second that it happens for all mothers, but I can tell you that it will happen. Continue reading

  • Family Fun On A Budget - While Pregnant in the Summer

    Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to sit around and miss out on a summer of fun with your family! It’s too easy to get caught sitting on your rear instead of partaking in the adventure and sun that is summer. Whether you are in your 1st, 2nd, or (like me) 3rd trimester this summer, grab the family, check the bank account, and start having some fun. Continue reading

  • Transitioning From 1 to 2 Babies

    Just when everything has fallen into a rhythm, when life has become so normal as a family of three, you decide to add another baby. And now, it’s too late to change your mind! You may be entering the terrifying trimester known as the “How Will I Ever Handle Having Two Babies” time of the pregnancy. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Bath Toys

    Depending on what parent you talk to, you will hear a different opinion on bath toys. It’s an overwhelming “We LOVE toys in the bath!” or “Nope. Never. Not a need.” Continue reading

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