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  • 5 Brilliantly Easy Pregnancy Announcements for New Year`s


    Now, how are you going to tell the rest of the world that you are pregnant? I mean, the entire social media world needs to know, and you want to tell them all in the most fun (and easy) way possible! Continue reading

  • Science Shows Early Bedtime Keeps a Mom Sane

    There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, and just when you think you are so tired that your eyes may close while walking to bed, a kid wakes up needing something. It never fails; sleep is hard to come by as a mom. Somehow, bedtimes get pushed back for one reason or another and then your own sleep is always interrupted, and then the morning arrives before you are ready for it. This cycle may drive you to crazy town, and with good reason! Continue reading

  • New Year’s Resolutions For Toddlers and Kids

    We live in a society full of instant gratification, big technology, and heck of a lot of people who enjoy free handouts.

    This is the perfect time of year to talk with our kids about making changes and working toward bettering the world. Continue reading

  • Best Family Christmas Movies

    The kids are about to be out of school, which means that they are home around the clock.  Even extra-curricular activities take a break for the holidays. If you are traveling, hosting family, or just keeping it small this year, there is bound to be plenty of time to watch movies.  Continue reading

  • Wine Pairings for Christmas Cookies

    I like to bake Christmas cookies. I like to drink wine. I decided to call in an official Professional Wine Advisor to help me pair the two together.  Not that my bulk buy of mom-chardonnay wouldn’t work for every cookie this season, I just thought I might raise the bar a bit. Continue reading

  • An Open Letter to the Packagers of the Online Crap.

    I don’t know how it’s shopping season already, but it is.  If you are anything like me (children, work, cook, clean, fold, wash, repeat), then you shop online.  I cannot imagine navigating stores on Black Friday, or any other day for that matter.  I always have my kids with me, and unless there is a play area and a reliable person to watch said children as I shop, then it ain’t happening.  (Why has Target not created this play area?) Continue reading

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