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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • The Teal Pumpkin Project

    Each fall I become more excited as I see teal painted pumpkins sit on doorsteps.  The Teal Pumpkin Project is growing!

    I first read about The Teal Pumpkin Project a few years ago when I was researching candy options for my child who has food allergies. It was eye-opening and exciting to learn about a way to identify houses in which the ‘Tricks or Treats’ included non-food related treats for kids!  Continue reading

  • Halloween Snacks, Crafts, and Fun!

    Halloween is a time of spooking and a time of fright.

    Bring on the costumes and pumpkin spice delight.

    Let's break out the fall décor and rake up some leaves.

    Let's sneak all the kids' candy and lie about it - please.

    The temperature is dropping, unpack the sweaters.

    Everyone's attitudes are about to get pleasantly better.

    Holidays are coming, up first is Halloween.

    Let's make all the craftiest, most delicious things that you've ever seen!

    Continue reading
  • 40 Weeks: A Breakdown of Pregnancy

    It starts with two pink lines, a plus sign, or even a digital test reading “pregnant.” The emotions then begin to rollercoaster their way into your life: Excitement, Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Panic, Joy.

    After reality sets in, remind yourself that you only have 40 weeks with this little being inside of you. (More like 41-42 weeks on average, but who’s really counting?) It’s time to figure out what will change, how life will be different, and what you can do to help and prepare for this baby.

    Good news, I’ve done this a few times! I just gave birth to baby #5 (6 pregnancies total). I’ve combined my wealth of knowledge with the cold hard science, and a bit of natural-minded research to bring you the breakdown of pregnancy over 40 weeks. Continue reading

  • Top 11 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

    A Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement is so much fun!  There is no other holiday that is based around giving thanks – and what more is there to be thankful for than a growing family?  Continue reading

  • Pregnant And Due For The Holidays

    The happiest and most stressful time of the year is quickly approaching, and your swollen mid-section may prohibit you from trimming the bottom of your tree this holiday season! You may be swaddling a newborn as the ball drops – and your first kiss of 2018 may be the gentlest kiss you have ever planted to ring in a new year. Continue reading

  • Countdown to Baby, Winter Edition

    Have you checked the Farmer's Almanac to see just how cold your winter is predicted to be this year? While pregnancy tends to increase your body temperature, welcoming the change of seasons, there's more needed than just a jacket to fit around your baby bump! As you countdown to meeting your winter baby, have fun checking things off of your list. Continue reading

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