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  • What to Ask on Your Hospital Tour

    There's more to know than just what hospital you will be having your baby at; you need to know everything from parking and paperwork to complication procedures and length of stay requirements. Your hospital tour is the perfect time to learn it all. Continue reading

  • Low Vitamin D and Possible Preterm Labor

    MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) has long been the go-to for all things Vitamin D research related. Recently, MUSC released new information  possibly linking low vitamin D levels to preterm birth. With previous research possibly linking the same low levels of Vitamin D to increased risk of autism (learn more Here) and multiple sclerosis (learn more Here and Here), it's time for pregnant women to start paying attention! Continue reading

  • Labor, Birth, Social Media, and the Lighting of a Candle

    Oversharing is the way of the internet. We know what was made for breakfast, who's home sick, where everyone is right now, and when someone is having their baby. Maybe it's not 'over' sharing, as much as the new way of communicating. Continue reading

  • Pregnancy Hack #5: The Float Spa

    There is this old practice that was once known as sensory deprivation, but as you can imagine, that name wasn’t exactly appealing. It then became known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST); again, that didn’t last. Fast forward through time to today, and you may or may not have heard of the absolute latest trend: The Float Spa.

    Imagine a tank of water in which you do nothing but float. This is the concept (with a bit more science) of a float spa, and the benefits are amazing – for everyone, including pregnant women. Continue reading

  • Pregnancy Hack #4: Using the Rebozo

    The word rebozo is translated to English as ‘shawl.’ In the Mexican culture, a rebozo is used for many different reasons, with pregnancy being one of the most popular. But what exactly does a shawl have to do with making pregnancy and labor easier? A lot actually. Continue reading

  • Pregnancy Hack #3: Taping the Belly

    You see colored tape on athletes all the time, but why? How can a piece of tape really help them perform better? And why is the trend spreading to pregnant women and belly taping?

    The secret is that it is not regular tape. It is Kinesiology tape (kinesio tape, for short, or even referenced as K-tape). This is not your traditional tape, and after learning more, you may be investing in some - or asking your chiropractor to tape your pregnant belly up! Continue reading

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