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Blog - My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

  • What Pregnancy Cravings Mean

    Pregnancy cravings (and aversions) are real.  What else is real is the fact that our society has deemed pregnancy a culturally accepted and sanctioned period of time in which women are even encouraged to give in to their cravings! Continue reading

  • The Healthy, Delicious Snacks for Breast Feeding Mothers

    You may have thought you knew what hungry was when you were pregnant. Joke was on you, right?  Welcome to the breastfeeding bottomless pit of HANGER. You feel as though you need to eat ALL.THE.THINGS. or you may wither away.

    A mother’s body is simply amazing.  I really wish our society would get over the whole body image shaming and start valuing the greatness instead. Continue reading

  • PPROM – What Happens if Your Water Breaks Too Early

    I’m going to try not to get too ‘science-y’ with this article.  I really want you all to understand everything possible about PPROM, but I want you know that this is not just a condition that happens – it is emotional.  It can be terrifying. Mothers who have experienced PPROM often must let go of birth expectations and give in to medical options, lots of them.  Some mothers will not bring home their baby. There is a time for medical intervention, and if your water breaks too early, you need to understand the possible interventions and outcomes.

    You probably found this article because:

    1. You are currently on bed rest with PPROM
    2. You have a PPROM baby or loss already
    3. You are pregnant and learning about everything (I applaud you)

    Continue reading

  • Orgasms During Early Pregnancy – Benefits and Safety Tips

    Gone are the days when sex was a taboo topic of discussion.  The orgasm has been blogged about and (hopefully) experienced by women everywhere, but a pregnant woman?  So many adults refuse to discuss the sex life of a pregnant woman. Continue reading

  • Craft Ideas For St. Patricks Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that we all celebrate just to have fun.  It doesn’t matter if you are truly Irish; the day is spent wearing green, enjoying green, giving kisses, and generally acting ridiculous!  It seems to be one of those days where adults are all 21 again - meaning pregnancies tend to occur! haha and where kids believe in pots of gold... Continue reading

  • St. Patricks Day Gender Reveal Ideas

    You have waited 20 weeks to know what gender you are growing.  The time has come to not only find out, but to share your news with the world!  Continue reading