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  • 25 Acts of Kindness Your Christmas Elf Can Encourage

    Watch out social media, the elves are coming out to play.  A very popular elf in particular will be making his appearance on shelves everywhere.  Parents use this prop to convince their children that Santa is real, and the elf is alive.  There are multiple rules to observe (like never touching the elf), and many ways to utilize the elf to make sure the children are behaving so that Santa doesn’t see their names on the naughty list. Continue reading

  • Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive: The True Story

    I believe in honesty. I believe in childhood magic.  I also believe in Santa.

    Our home is full of children, but years ago, when there was only one small blonde head toddling around, we were unsure of how to approach the whole ‘Santa Lie.’  It is so magical to believe, but it is so heartbreaking to learn that you have been lied to for years…  That was when I started doing what I do best: researching.  By putting pieces of old stories, legends, and beliefs together, we not only changed the way we would talk about Santa Claus in our home, but we became true believers. Continue reading

  • Easy, Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

    You have been cooking for days and the main event has come to an end.  The dishes aren’t even out of the dishwasher yet, but you need to figure out what to do with all of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

    I’ve been pinning ideas and laughing at the options out there.  I cannot be the only parent that watches their children munch a few bites of turkey, eat some potatoes, and push around everything else on their plates…  right?  All of that hard work!  Who am I kidding? I’ll be excited if my kids taste the stuffing, but I won’t hold my breath.  Have you looked at the leftover recipe ideas for kids out in the blogosphere?  Cranberry waffles.  Will your kids eat something other than maple syrup on top of their waffles? If you answer yes, please send me all of your parenting secrets.  I would bet very few toddlers will devour a waffle covered in a thick cranberry sauce full of chunky berries.  Am I wrong? Continue reading

  • Best Excuses For Declining a Drink While Newly Pregnant

    You have a positive pregnancy test in one hand and an invitation to a holiday party in the other. Maybe you are just planning on a fun dinner with friends to celebrate the season, or you have a work event in which close co-workers will be offering you adult beverages.  If you are normally one to accept and enjoy a glass of wine, but you just found out you are pregnant, this may cause for a stressful situation.  Not drinking will tip everyone off and start raising eyebrows, so you need a great excuse. Continue reading

  • The Happiest of Holidays are Not Perfect

    We have entered the holiday countdown in our home, and I am your typical Type A mom.  I come from a long line of mothers who liked to paint the holiday canvas as perfection to the viewer’s eye.  I won’t lie, I have struggled with this myself; after all, it’s hard to break the habits you were born in to.  Continue reading

  • Toddler-Approved Thanksgiving Dishes


    It’s elastic waistband time, and I’m only dreaming about the food, I haven’t even started consuming it.  I’m planning out  our Thanksgiving menu, and I just realized how odd it will be to only cook for our family this year.  We won’t have any family or random friends around our table this year.  That means that the ration of adults to children is 1:2.  We are outnumbered with our four little ones.  Lord knows that I am not about to slave away for two days to create the perfect table spread for an audience who will turn their noses up to it all!  I am so not going to spend an hour forcing my kids to eat and try things.  Continue reading

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