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  • Gender Disappointment. Yes, It Is Real.

    My beautiful baby boy.

    Oh, how I wanted a girl.

    He lies across my lap, smiling in his sleep, slightly cooing.  He just started crawling yesterday, and he may beat his brothers to walking.  Maybe he’ll snuggle with me forever. My God, his snuggles are amazing. Continue reading

  • 30 Days Of Thanks: One Mother's List

    I am not quite sure how November is happening already, but it appears that I have awoken to the holiday season after my 4 hours of interrupted sleep – you know, that sleep that includes toddler kicks, 3am nursing sessions, and 6 inches of bed space. Continue reading

  • 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Wear, Read, Want, Need, Give, and Get From Santa

    This generation of parents – US – we are changing things.  We are parenting in a time when research is readily available, and we are all well aware of the mistakes that have come before us. We are making changes and causing waves, shaking it all up!  (Or trying to anyway.) Continue reading

  • A Mother’s Holiday Timeline

    Let the Holiday Season Begin

    How did November walk through the front door already?  In less than 2 months, we will be ringing in 2017.  TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN.  HOW? And where are the flying cars?  My elementary school self is extremely disappointed…

    I digress.


    We have close to 3 weeks until Thanksgiving (HOLY CRAP), and about 7 weeks until Christmas and Hanukkah, and 8 weeks until the new year.  That’s not much time once you throw in the everyday life events of work, keeping children alive (and running them to every sport on the planet) and doing laundry (OMG THE NEVERENDING LAUNDRY). Continue reading

  • Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

    Revealing your baby's gender is a huge deal in today's social media society.  Between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and who knows what else, telling people the exciting news can be done pretty creatively.  Of course, incorporating our gender reveal kit (or a dressed up heartbeat animal!) is the best way to do the big reveal! Continue reading

  • Top 10 Things a New Dad Can Do to Help with a Baby

    Congratulations! You are going to be a dad! I bet you would like to know how you can help once your baby is born? No worries, I have your back. Continue reading

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