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  • Uncommon and Awesome Baby Names for 2017

    In a society of made-up random baby names it is time to revisit some of the greatest, vintage-inspired, uncommon names. As I'm pregnant with baby #5 (Yes, I know what causes this), I have been scouring the sites and coming up blank.  A few months ago I started a running list of the greatest names overheard at playgrounds, in play groups, and within friend circles. Continue reading

  • ACOG Says “Birth Should Have Little Intervention”

    The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released a document yesterday that discusses the healthy laboring mother and how to help her have a successful birth.  Continue reading

  • Top 11 Pregnancy Announcements for Valentine's Day

    Love is in the air, and so are pregnancy announcements! Are you trying to think up the most creative way to share your big news this Valentine's Day?  Look no farther, I have the 11 best ideas for you to choose from. Continue reading

  • The Cuddle Cot: A Gift of Time

    When losing a baby to still birth, there is nothing more precious than the time you are granted to hold your baby.  These are the only moments you will have to create a lifetime’s worth of memories.  Continue reading

  • The Jizo, a Buddhist Miscarriage Tradition

    Jizo statues can be found primarily throughout Japan, although many other cultures seem to be accepting them into their own traditions. A Buddhist tradition, Jizo is the protector of children.  More specifically, Jizo takes care of the souls of unborn children and those who die at a young age. Continue reading

  • Snacks for Breastfeeding Moms

    You may have thought you knew what hungry was when you were pregnant. Joke was on you, right?  Welcome to the breastfeeding bottomless pit of HANGER. You feel as though you need to eat ALL.THE.THINGS. or you may wither away.

    A mother’s body is simply amazing.  I really wish our society would get over the whole body image shaming and start valuing the greatness instead. Continue reading

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