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  • 5 Fall Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

    I'm not exactly sure where this year is disappearing to, but it's flying by quickly. Pumpkin spice is out in full force and the holidays are rounding the corner. It's an exciting time full of happiness and cheer. It's also about time that our social media pages start filling up with pregnancy announcements! Most who conceived over the past few months are ready to shout their news from the roof tops... Are you one of them? Continue reading

  • The Best Nicknames for Grandparents

    Naming a grandparent is a unique experience for each family. Some grandparents already have nicknames in mind, while others are satisfied with 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa.'  Then of course a baby turns into a toddler and actually develops the capability of speaking, and all plans go out the window! Toddlers tend to mispronounce grandparent names and create a name all of their own. Continue reading

  • The Ultimate Nesting To-Do List

    Nesting tends to set in at the end of pregnancy. It begins once all of the important things are already done, such as: hospital tours, birth team selection, registries, and baby showers. The urge to nest typically becomes stronger and stronger the closer you get to labor. If you are anything like me, TYPE A, then once those instincts kick in, there's no stopping you until you are holding a baby! Continue reading

  • Look at those Genes!

    Genetics are amazing. Sometimes there is absolutely no doubt whose bloodline a new addition is related to. Other times, it takes a little digging to find that one relative whom your child truly resembles. Either way, when you compare pictures from the past and present, you end up doing a double take. Continue reading

  • 15 Things to Splurge on When Pregnant

    The mind can't stop thinking about everything baby, but pregnancy is a time to think about Mom too! The days seem long, especially as the body grows and the ailments start stacking on top of one another. It's easy to get caught up in registering for baby items and letting the days roll by without really taking care of yourself. But the truth is that self-care during pregnancy is so much more than just caring for yourself -- it's taking care of the womb that is housing that tiny bundle of joy too! Continue reading

  • One Couples Infertility Announcements are Taking the Internet by Storm

    Social media is full of pregnancy announcements - and the more creative the better. It is such an exciting thing to share with the world, but few of us realize that by sharing the big news, there are others out there struggling to see that announcement. Infertility is more common that we realize, and many couples struggle with trying to conceive for years without luck.

    While it is heartbreaking, many couples work together to find peace and can still be happy for growing families around them. One such couple is taking the internet by storm right now. Continue reading

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