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  • No Bath For Newborns

    The joy of life is a beautiful miracle – covered in a creamy, goopy sticky or slippery substance, known as vernix.  When most new parents-to-be watch birth videos and envision their own labor, typically they assume hair and makeup will be done and their baby will be bathed and swaddled before being gently placed in their arms. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Continue reading

  • Breastfeeding Positions

    Early breastfeeding success is dependent upon so many things lining up correctly.  There are unplanned factors that weigh in and cause havoc to unravel in almost every mother’s early nursing journey. Continue reading

  • The Role of Dad in the Fourth Trimester

    If you think it’s FINALLY your time with this tiny baby that has been growing for nine months, I may slightly burst your bubble.

    Not in a bad way, but I will give you a bit of a reality check. Continue reading

  • Vitamin K at Birth

    Let’s Talk Vitamin K and Newborns

    Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting in adults and children. But newborns are different.  They are not born with sufficient amounts of the vitamin.  This alone is enough to make you question the necessity of an injection.  If all babies are born with little Vitamin K, it may be because it is what is meant to be.  But, understandably, some argue that Vitamin K is needed so it must be administered.

    It is quite rare, but in some newborns, a deficiency in Vitamin K can lead to a serious bleeding disorder, typically in the first week of life, called Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn (HDN). HDN is an internal bleeding that occurs in the brain and other organs, leading to serious injury or potentially even death.

    Due to this disease, which may affect 0.25% of infants, it has become standard treatment to give a Vitamin K injection as a preventative measure to all infants at birth, even when risk factors are not present. Continue reading

  • Bringing Your Newborn to the Holiday Party

    Go ahead and RSVP “Yes” to that party or gathering this season.  While having a newborn is a great excuse to get out of getting dressed up and socializing, you don’t have to stay home. Continue reading

  • Babywearing for Beginners

    So you are going to welcome a new little squish into the world soon and you are wondering about babywearing. There is a big, bright world of carry options out there, do not be intimidated! I will warn you though, once you get the hang of babywearing, you *may* become slightly obsessed.

    Let’s be honest, anything that even slightly makes life easier is a WIN in my book. A few examples: breastfeeding (I need NOTHING but my boobs), homebirthing (I’m low risk AND I don’t even have to leave the house!), and babywearing (baby is happy and I still have use of both hands). Some may throw a label at me, but I’ll just laugh it off. While most people may think this is not the lifestyle for them, I challenge them to truly listen to their guts, read just a little on any of the above topics, and then come have a chat! But I digress; today’s blog is only on babywearing! #WEARALLTHEBABIESI’ll start with a few of the reasons that I love babywearing and then will get to all of the real benefits, how-to’s, and how not-to’s. Continue reading

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