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Newborn in Public

  • Having a Newborn in the Winter: When to Take Baby Out.

    (I’ve decided to flood this article with newborn pictures, just to make sure I pull on your heart a bit.)


    You can learn a lot about someone’s parenting by asking them when they first went out in public with their newborn.  You will hear everything from waiting 8 weeks to just hours after delivery.  There truly is no right or wrong answer; however, know that taking baby out in public is very different from taking baby outside.  Fresh air and Vitamin D is necessary, so don’t bottle yourself up in a bedroom for a month after having baby. Continue reading

  • Bringing Your Newborn to the Holiday Party

    Go ahead and RSVP “Yes” to that party or gathering this season.  While having a newborn is a great excuse to get out of getting dressed up and socializing, you don’t have to stay home. Continue reading

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